Withdrawals to some chains take longer (Polygon for example) because it takes longer to get to transaction finality. Withdrawals are not instant and may take a few minutes.

If users are having issues with withdrawals please do the following:


First Step

Check our Dune dashboard and check if withdrawal went through to any chain. Sometimes users request withdrawal to the wrong chain.

Make sure to refresh the dashboard before checking.


Second Step

If that wasn’t sucessful, please go to LayerZero explorer and select “Source: Orderly” to check for any cross-chain message delays.

A list of messages appear with Ordelry as a source-chain for any withdrawals we have received and processed.

  • If a message is in-flight and was created 10+ min ago, the withdrawals are seeing delay because of LayerZero cross-chain messages.

Third Step

If the above steps weren’t sucessful, please send a message to Orderly with

  • User’s address
  • Withdrawal amount
  • Approximate time the withdrawal was requested