The asset manager contract is the main Smart Contract of Orderly network which acts as a custodial account to provide the best user experience possible for an on-chain exchange with it’s low fees, fast trade execution, and deep liquidity.The contract stores the following information:

  • NEAR Account ↔︎ Orderly / Trading Key mappings

  • Balance of each account in Orderly

  • Whitelist of permitted assets for the contract

  • Whitelist of permitted trading pairs

The contract has the following usages:

  • Allows users to create an account - i.e. bind their NEAR account_id with specific Orderly trading keys

  • Allows users to deposit whitelisted assets to their Orderly account

  • Allow users to withdraw their assets from their Orderly account

  • Settles executed trades by updating balances of all users on-chain after receiving trade executions



Same functionality as the mainnet


Fungible token contract which is a USDC faucet for Orderly testnet environement.