Orderly currently offers a set of React hooks to ensure seamless integration. Technical documentation on how to use SDK can be found here.

Technical Features and Coverage:

Orderly SDK provides a set of webhooks to make integration easier. The following webhooks are provided:

Data Fetching: The Orderly SDK offers a comprehensive set of hooks to access any Orderly APIs. This includes real-time data on market data, account info, exchange information, and more. Developers can harness this data to power various applications, from trading bots to decentralized finance analytics platforms.

Smart Contract Interaction: Developers can easily interact with smart contracts on supported blockchain networks using the SDK. This enables automated execution of smart contract functions, such as depositing and viewing the current wallet balance.

Account Management: All account-related logic such as current balance, collateral, current leverage, etc.

Assets: Information about the user’s assets, such as the user’s collateral, withdrawable balance, etc.

Orderbook Data: Retrieves formatted data of the orderbook making it easy for the orderbook to be displayed on the UI.

Market Data: Provides market-related data such as market history of a symbol, mark price, listed symbols, etc.

Order Management: Provides order-related services such as creating and editing orders.

Position Management: Provides the current position details of the account, and includes some useful data calculations for showing positions, including:

  • Position value

  • Position liquidation price

  • Position margin

  • Unrealized PnL

  • Unsettled PnL

  • Aggregated position data

Further Developments

Releasing additional documentation and functionalities (first couple of weeks of December)

  • ui components & how to integrate

  • core lib doc

  • react hooks and more examples

  • Additional language support

For a deep dive into technical details and to start integrating the Orderly SDK into your project, visit the Orderly SDK Documentation.