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May 31, 2024
Orderly Turned 2! What We Achieved All Year Round!!
by Orderly Network
Orderly Turned 2! What We Achieved All Year Round!!

Orderly Network is 2 and we are celebrating all week long with the Orderly Anniversary rewards.

Our one year anniversary was a blast, celebrating with our partners, community, and the amazing team at Orderly.

Now for Orderly @ 2, we are even bigger, with more partners, larger community, and a talented team helping us breakdown barriers in our charge towards the future of omnichain perps.

We take a walk down memory lane over the course of the year, highlighting a few of our milestones, achievements, and, what is to come.

  • Orderly went Omnichain: Deployed on 6 major chains
  • Breaking Barriers: We Hit $40B+ in Trading Volume
  • Ecosystem Expansion: 11+ Brokers and counting
  • Launched the Orderly Settlement Layer, Powered by the Orderly Chain
  • Launched Orderly Quantum Pools: Retail Liquidity, Powered by Elixir
  • The Road to The Order; Wen TGE?
  • Continuous Growth All Round - Community, Socials, “n” Beyond
  • Enter the Orderly Anniversary Campaign

Orderly went Omnichain

It’s no longer news that we are omnichain, charting new courses in DeFi, fast becoming the permissionless liquidity layer for Web3 trading. Our omnichain vision began in late 2023,and went live on Arbitrum mainnet. The goal was clear – create a permissionless liquidity source to make DeFi trading more efficient — similar to a decentralized clearinghouse in TradFi.

Orderly Stack (2).jpg

And that, we did! In a couple months, we expanded further into the EVM ecosystem, deploying our omnichain vaults across major chains, including Arbitrum, Mantle, OP, Base, and Polygon (with many more in the pipeline).

This expansion has seen us rapidly become the go-to onchain perp DEX infrastructure for builders and traders alike, with over 10+ brokers and 300k+ users on Orderly. By converging liquidity from multiple blockchain networks, powered by our robust matching engine and all orders settled on the Orderly Chain, we are able to deliver CEX-like execution speeds to onchain DeFi trading.

Breaking Barriers in Trading Volumes


Results of our omnichain expansion, you ask? $40B+ and counting in total trading volume across all our brokers.

At the start of the year, we set out for a $1B goal in total trading volume. Thankfully, our infrastructure isn’t as limiting as our goals were, significantly reinforcing its robustness to handle exceedingly and beyond – all thanks to the team’s foresight to go modular, powered by Celestia.

As we publish this, Orderly has now repeatedly recorded $1B+ in daily trading volume, consistently placing in top 5 ranking for perps trading on DeFillama.

We’ve shared this success with our brokers too!

Orderly-powered DEXs have now earned a combined total of over $5.5m in fees, with WOOFi Pro and LogX Pro leading the charge in terms of trading volumes. These numbers, alongside the robustness of the Orderly infrastructure, cements us as the prime destination for on-chain perps trading in DeFi.

Ecosystem Expansion: We Keep Getting Bigger


“We are only as strong as our ecosystem, partners, and community. By leveraging the strengths of each partner and tapping into the voice of our community, we have been able to drive our innovative capacities further and deliver a more robust ecosystem for Web3 trading”– Arjun Arora, COO, Orderly Network

The success of our partnerships have played a vital role in our astounding growth over the course of the year. High-profile partnerships such as Google Cloud, Celestia, Layerzero, WOOFi Pro, LogX, Quickswap, Sharpe AI, EMDX, IBX,..Phew! The list goes on….

These partnerships not only amplified our reach but also enhanced the engineering prowess and security of our infrastructure.

Following the launch of the Orderly SDK, partnerships with builder communities like LearnWeb3, Encode Club and the Cambridge Blockchain Society have been instrumental in educating builders on the use-cases of the Orderly infrastructure. Building a perp DEX on Orderly has become streamlined, made seamless by the robustness of the Orderly SDK and fine tuned using feedback from these dev communities.

With continued collaborations, workshops, and X spaces with new and existing builder communities such as LearnWeb3 and Encode Club, we are on course to empower the next generation of DeFi developers.

Launched the Orderly Settlement Layer, Powered by the Orderly Chain

The Future of omnichain perps trading is here – characterized by the launch of the Orderly Chain

Built on the OP Stack, Orderly Settlement Layer sits at the heart of Orderly’s omnichain infrastructure, serving as a ledger for all transaction data, user data balances, and trading data retrieved from the engine layer — all stored on-chain for transparency. By having liquidity aggregated within the same orderbook and relayed to the Orderly Chain, we are forming one of the largest liquidity sources for DeFi. This makes for a highly efficient, global-scale infrastructure ensuring transactions are settled efficiently and securely.

The Orderly Chain plays a vital role in our vision towards fostering a vibrant, liquid market ecosystem in DeFi.

Launched Orderly Quantum Pools: Retail Liquidity, Powered by Elixir

Since inception, we have always positioned ourselves at the backend, providing the necessary infra for efficient Web3 trading. For the first time, we are stepping into the light with our first user-facing product – Orderly Quantum Pools. Powered by Elixir Protocol, anyone can now earn yield by supplying liquidity to any Orderly listed asset pair on any Orderly-supported chain.

The Orderly Quantum is the first of many future user-facing products to come from us and we can’t wait to deliver them to your fingertips. Earn now with Orderly Quantum Pools

The Road to The Order; Wen TGE?


6-tiers, millions in trading volumes, one goal – all leading to The Road to The Order.

In preparation for our token launch, we launched a fun and gamified campaign to ensure fair reward distribution to all Orderly “gm bros” – The Road to The Order.

The reception has been astounding, with over 53k+ traders battling it out to snatch up “Merits” in the weekly epoch allocation, rising up each tier of the campaign as they trade on any Orderly-powered DEX.

Currently on the 9th-epoch, traders on Orderly are issued “Merits” for every trade they take, earning them a portion of the upcoming airdrop this summer, post-TGE. Users can also keep track of their Merits, ranks, and history via our dedicated webpage after their wallets are connected.

The Orderly Airdrop is around the corner, and we can't wait to reward our early users.

It’s not too late to farm “Merits” and snatch up some Orderly airdrop. Begin your journey here: https://app.orderly.network/

Continuous Growth All Round - Community, Socials “n” Beyond…


It’s been a great year all round! Explosive trading volumes and increasing DEXs are great, but guess what’s better? Having ”YOU” – our community – grow with us.

By taking on every challenge, campaign, and quests we have published, we have experienced massive growth on all fronts, across all our social media channels, user-base, and overall recognition from industry leaders and KOLs.

We can’t express our gratitude enough, and this celebration is incomplete without all our steadfast partners, super-charged ambassadors, and ever vibrant community.

As such, this campaign is for you – a token of our gratitude for your unwavering support thus far.

Enter the Campaign: Orderly Anniversary Feast

2 (3).jpg

5 Lucky Winners from X and Discord each – a total of 10 Lucky users – will be rewarded with 100 USDC and an Orderly Mystery Box.

  • On X – Make a post about your favorite Orderly update or stat from the past 2 years!**

  • On Discord – Refer your friends to join the Orderly Discord and celebrate this moment with us

Go join in on the fun now: X || Discord

Year Two – We Keep the Flag Flying!

Our year has been filled with many highs and we can only expect our upward trajectory to continue. So what can you expect?

We are never satisfied. We will continue to push the boundaries of DeFi on all fronts – infrastructure, community, partnerships, and more.

You can expect continuous infrastructure upgrades, boosting reliability and security to stay agile in this ever-evolving DeFi landscape, improved trading functionalities, new asset listings, and more high profile industry collaborations.

See our roadmap here to get the full scoop: 2024 Roadmap

With the Orderly SDK fully operational, armed with an in-built AI that helps streamline the integration process with our infrastructure, we also expect to onboard more brokers on Orderly as we continue to expand.

Raising Our Glasses To Another Year of Milestones!


It's hard to believe another year has passed! As we celebrate Orderly Network’s second anniversary, we reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared. A heartfelt thank you to our visionary partners, ingenious brokers, vibrant ambassadors, and our amazing community — your unwavering support has been the cornerstone of our success.

“We are proud of how far we’ve come, but we have only just begun to scratch the surface. We envision a future where DeFi is truly frictionless and interconnected, and we are taking the necessary giant strides towards a truly decentralized, omnichain Web3 trading ecosystem—accessible to everyone, on any chain, and any asset. None of these would be possible without the continued support of you all. I am excited for what is yet to come. – Ran Yi, Co-founder, Orderly Network

The journey is far from over. We're more energized than ever to explore new horizons and deepen our collaborations in the coming year. Together, we continue our charge towards creating the future of omnichain perps trading. Get ready — the next chapter is filled with more breakthroughs, unexpected twists, and plenty of excitement!

All systems operational.
© 2024 Orderly Network.