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Feb 09, 2024
What’s on Order at Orderly: Our 2024 Roadmap
by Orderly Network
What’s on Order at Orderly: Our 2024 Roadmap

Say gm to the Orderly 2024 roadmap! This year, our mission is to arm DEXes with a plethora of advanced trading functionalities, rivaling and surpassing what CEXes offer. The movement to DeFi is on the cusp. We’re crafting the ultimate haven for degens and setting the stage for the Orderly Chain to become the definitive permissionless liquidity layer for Web3 trading. 🟣


It’s important to note that while this roadmap sets the stage for an exciting year ahead, it is not definitive. We anticipate expanding our offerings with additional innovative solutions as we progress, adapting to the rapid pace and demands of the market and our community. 🚧

Let’s kick it off with Q1 2024.

Q1 2024

The following has already been implemented in our February 5, 2024 major upgrade. Did you know you can see our release notes here: https://staging-docs.orderly.network/changelog/evm … cool right?

Ok let’s break it down 👇

Two Types of TP/SL(take profit and a stop loss): We’ve enhanced our platform with Full/Entire Position TP/SL and Partial Position TP/SL functionalities, offering traders nuanced control over their risk management strategies. These features, already operational on the Orderly backend, are set to debut on our front ends soon, empowering traders to secure profits and limit losses with unparalleled precision.

Fee Structure Update: Exciting developments in our Custom Trading Fee System now allow brokers to custom-tailor fee structures. This innovation provides the flexibility to design fees that resonate with their specific trading communities and strategies, moving beyond the constraints of standard fees for a more personalized trading environment.

Polygon POS support: Our platform now supports Polygon PoS, an Ethereum sidechain that combines speed, security, and scalability with a proof-of-stake consensus. This integration paves the way for Polygon DEXes to join the Orderly ecosystem, enhancing our network’s reach and efficiency.

Smart contract trading support: We have introduced smart contract trading support with the launch of the “Delegate Signer” feature. This feature enables Smart Contracts to trade by assigning an Externally Owned Account (EOA) to sign trades on their behalf using the EIP-712 signature.

Liquidation bots: We have introduced a decentralized liquidation model to foster a fair and efficient mechanism for managing position liquidations. This approach allows for participation in liquidation processes at a discount, without the need to sell in the orderbook, democratizing the liquidation opportunities across our platform. Check out our liquidation searcher here: https://github.com/OrderlyNetwork/liquidation-searcher/tree/main

Here’s what to expect for the remainder of the year 👇

Open Source SDK: The Orderly Network’s EVM SDK will be open-sourced, offering developers a robust toolkit for building applications that interact seamlessly with our platform. This SDK will simplify access to REST & Smart Contract APIs, supporting NEAR Protocol and EVM, and contributing to a vibrant, collaborative development ecosystem.

Q2 2024

DEX Token Listings: Attention all degens! Get ready for exclusive access to the newest tokens making their debut on Orderly — tokens not yet available on major CEXs. This feature is your chance to stay ahead of the curve and “frontrun your parents” by getting early access to the next big crypto assets. We will also list futures for in demand smaller caps!

Strategy Vaults: Dive into the world of expert trading without needing to become one yourself. Our Strategy Vaults allow you to place your cryptos alongside seasoned market makers, mirroring their trades to capitalize on their expertise. With a diverse range of trading strategies available, you can choose to follow the lead of proven traders, run your own strategy, or grow your portfolio by managing assets on behalf of others.

2nd Half 2024

Isolated Margin: Introducing Isolated Margin to our platform brings focused risk management and enhanced trading flexibility. This feature allows traders to allocate specific amounts of margin to individual positions, limiting potential losses to the margin assigned to each trade. It promotes precise control over risk exposure and enables strategic use of leverage, ensuring a safer and more tailored trading experience.

Multi-Collateral: Adding Multi-Collateral functionality elevates our platform’s versatility and inclusivity. Traders can now use a variety of assets as collateral for their positions, enhancing liquidity and enabling more strategic, diversified trading approaches. This feature broadens access to our services, allowing users to leverage their entire portfolio, not just a single asset type, for a more efficient and flexible trading experience.

On-Chain-Oracles: By integrating On-Chain Oracles, we enhance our platform’s reliability and security beyond traditional CEX-based pricing. These oracles ensure continuous, transparent, and diversified data sources for pricing, acting as a dependable backstop against single-source vulnerabilities. This advancement means stronger protection and greater confidence for our users in every transaction.

Cross-chain infrastructure upgrades: We are big on chain-abstraction, we are going to do our best to eliminate the clunky blockchain UX. Expect some massive cross-chain upgrades!

2024 is shaping up to be an extraordinary year for crypto, and while we can’t predict the future for the entire industry, we’re certain it’s going to be monumental for Orderly Network. With markets trending positively, the approval of new ETFs, the anticipation of the Bitcoin halving, and the upcoming Ethereum Dencun Upgrade, the stage is set for significant developments. Our presence has dramatically grown, boasting over 210,000 followers on X, propelling us toward becoming a recognized leader in the DeFi space. We’re excited about what’s ahead and invite you to deepen your engagement with us.

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