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May 31, 2023
Celebrating Orderly Network’s First Anniversary: A Team’s Journey of Progress and Achievement
by Orderly Network

Gm! Time flies when you’re having fun, right? We’re already popping the champagne to celebrate Orderly’s first birthday! But between the cake and confetti, we wanted to hit the pause button and marvel at the wild ride we’ve had so far. Our dream team, fuelled by a relentless drive to power Web3 builders, has been on a quest to redefine the future, one innovative application at a time.

From launching our Testnet in last May to the grand reveal of the official NEAR Mainnet on October 11, 2022, we’ve been blazing trails and busting moves to craft the most rock-solid liquidity layer for dApps. But hey, every superhero needs a sidekick, right? We couldn’t have pulled off this epic saga without our trusty incubators, investors, ecosystem partners, and the incredible community that’s always got our back. Buckle up, because this is just the beginning!

##Key Events and Milestones In our first year, Orderly Network has experienced some amazing growth and development. Here’s a quick recap of some of the key events that shaped our journey:

  • Raising $20 million in a seeding round by top venture capital firms including Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital and Jump Crypto

  • Generating around $230 million in trading volume since mainnet launch

  • Rolling out the Orderly Network SDK and our on-chain swap tool

  • Integrating with major wallets such as NEAR Wallet, MyNearWallet, Sender Wallet, Meteor Wallet, and Nightly Wallet

  • Three DEXes have selected Orderly as their foundation to build on

  • Launching a $10 million ecosystem fund in collaboration with Proximity Labs, Spin, and Tonic

  • Establishing a global community of 40,000 members within just a few months

  • Listing of Eight New Tokens on Orderly Network

  • Launching our Testnet for Perpetual Futures, a dominant product that accounts for 75% of all crypto trading

  • Integration with Fireblocks, providing institutional users with secure access to enterprise-grade liquidity via dApps built on Orderly Network

These are just a few highlights of our first lap around the sun. As we strap in for year two, we’re ready to push the envelope even further. Buckle up!

Meet the Team

Now, let’s shine the spotlight on the ensemble cast that’s been at the heart of Orderly’s journey. These trailblazers, with their diverse talents and resolute commitment, have been the driving force behind our achievements.

First up, meet Ran — Co-Founder & Visionary

With 15 years in global asset management and 5 years in crypto, Ran is driven to make financial services simpler and more open through DeFi. He started his career at Freddie Mac in 2006, at the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis. Ran has a Bachelor of Science degree from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from CEIBS. His passion and experience are key to our mission.

We posed a question to Ran: How has the crypto landscape evolved since Orderly’s inception, and how has the company adapted to these changes?

“Since Orderly’s inception, we’ve witnessed a seismic shift in the crypto landscape, with a significant migration from Centralized Exchanges (CEXes) to Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes). This evolution has been driven by a growing demand for security, transparency, and trust, particularly in light of notable mismanagement incidents within centralized exchanges.

In response to this changing landscape, Orderly has adapted by providing a robust platform for DEX builders to create experiences akin to those offered by CEXes. We’ve merged the inherent security and trust of DEXes and are slowly building an unrivaled user experience. Our mission is to catalyze mass market adoption of Order Book trading on DEXes, thereby setting a new standard in the crypto trading landscape. This strategic adaptation positions Orderly at the forefront of the industry’s evolution, ready to meet the demands of the next wave of crypto innovation”

Next, we have Terence Ng — Co-Founder and Trading Tech Wizard

Terence, a seasoned entrepreneur and leader in the cryptocurrency and finance sector. With a strong background in computer engineering, Terence has co-founded Orderly Network and serves as the CTO of WOO Network, a world-class liquidity pool for crypto enthusiasts. His extensive experience spans various roles, including CEO of HaiChuanTech, COO of Derivatives China Capital, and positions at Horizon Software and HSBC. Terence’s impressive track record and dedication to innovation make him a key figure in the crypto and finance industries.

We asked Terence, what were the biggest challenges you faced during the first year, and how did you overcome them?

“Establishing trust in the DeFi space, particularly as an infrastructure project, was our most formidable challenge during Orderly’s inaugural year. We understood the critical need for trust, not only from investors but also from other projects looking to utilize our platform. To address this, we secured backing from top-tier venture capital firms. This endorsement from prestigious VCs is a significant confidence boost, indicating extensive due diligence and approval of our team, our business model, and our project at large.

In tandem with this, we undertook exhaustive code audits with industry-leading firms Halborn and Certik to ensure our platform’s security and reliability. This commitment to rigorous audit processes demonstrates our dedication to providing a secure and trustworthy infrastructure upon which other projects can confidently build. These combined efforts have been instrumental in forging trust within the DeFi ecosystem, cementing our reputation as a reliable player in decentralized finance.”

Say hello to Arjun — COO and Partnership Powerhouse

Arjun is a highly accomplished executive with extensive experience in business development & leadership strategy across the EMEA region. He has a strong background in technology and cryptocurrencies, having consulted numerous blockchain start-ups. Prior to his current role at Orderly Network, Arjun’s impressive 8-year tenure at Google played a crucial role in shaping his expertise in the industry, where he held various leadership positions scaling teams, including Head of New Business Sales for the UK & Ireland. His deep understanding of the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, combined with his exceptional leadership skills and diverse experience, make Arjun an invaluable asset in the rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem.

We asked Arjun to share a memorable moment or achievement from the past year that he is particularly proud of?

“Witnessing Orderly’s transformation from a small, siloed team incubated by WOO, to a fully-fledged, independent powerhouse of 36 individuals has been nothing short of inspirational. Seeing everyone so passionate and dedicated to Orderly’s vision, was a snapshot moment of pride for me.

The confluence of remote teams, sharing knowledge and working in unison towards a common goal, is not just inspiring, it’s exhilarating. It’s these moments that fuel my excitement for what lies ahead for the company.”

Last but not least, meet Audrey Yang — Head of Growth and Industry Trailblazer

Audrey, a talented and results-driven Chief Growth Officer at Orderly Network, boasts a proven track record in business development, digital marketing, and public relations. Prior to joining Orderly, she held pivotal roles at WOO Network and Kronos Research, demonstrating her exceptional ability to drive growth and customer acquisition. With expertise in hosting worldwide meetups that attracted over 100,000 participants in 2019 alone and a degree from the prestigious Peking University, Audrey is well-positioned to lead Orderly Network’s growth and expansion in the rapidly evolving decentralized finance space.

We asked Audrey: What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the DeFi and crypto space

“Success in this industry is a blend of knowledge, mindset, and network. It’s crucial to understand the fundamental framework of Web3, predict the next wave, and have a rich understanding of legal aspects. A team that learns quickly and can build consensus is invaluable.

While maintaining an unwavering focus on your product, it’s equally important to engage with others in the industry. Regularly connect with venture capitalists, industry experts, and critics. Building such a network may seem demanding, but the long-term benefits are monumental.

In the open-source world of cryptocurrency, creating competitive moats is challenging. However, a robust network, combined with a deep understanding of the industry and a forward-thinking mindset, can serve as a powerful moat, setting you apart from the rest.”

Looking Ahead With an ever-growing list of supported assets and exciting features on the horizon, we’re well-positioned to lead the decentralized future, fueled by a dedicated team and a thriving global community. Our goals for the coming year include:

  • Reaching the $1 billion mark in daily trading volume
  • Integrating more than 30 dApps into the protocol, translating to around $100 million in protocol revenue
  • Expanding our team to further strengthen our capabilities and drive innovation
  • Continually forging value-enhancing partnerships and integrations.

Cheers to All of You! Can you believe it’s been a year already? As we blow out the candles on Orderly Network’s first birthday, we’re taking a moment to appreciate the wild ride so far. Here’s a shout-out to our incubators, investors, partners, ‘daily gm’ team, and dynamic community — you’ve made this journey remarkable.

But remember, this is just the beginning. We’re amped up to break new grounds and foster greater collaboration in the next year. Together, we’re shaping the decentralized future, one block at a time. So, buckle up — the next year promises more breakthroughs, surprises, and fun!

As we reflect on our first year at Orderly Network, we’re excited to share some highlights from our inaugural anniversary celebration. This event marks the beginning of a series of offline gatherings we plan to host, each one designed to foster our vibrant community and shared vision for the future of blockchain technology.


These images capture the spirit of our journey so far and the vibrant community that makes it all possible. This is just the first of many memorable moments we plan to create together. As we embark on another year of innovation and growth, we look forward to hosting more events and continuing to build and grow together. Stay tuned for what’s next in our event series!

Year One — Just the Start

Our first year has been a whirlwind of growth, milestones, and partnerships, with our sights set on empowering Web3 builders and paving a decentralized future. We’re overflowing with gratitude for our community, investors, and partners.

But we’re just getting started! As we launch into our second year, we’re ready to push innovation, foster deeper ties, and keep disrupting. Get ready for a future shaped by Orderly — decentralized, secure, and full of possibilities. Here’s to another year of defying the odds, together!

All systems operational.
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