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Jun 07, 2024
The Orderly Network Airdrop is Coming!
by Orderly Network
The Orderly Network Airdrop is Coming!

We know the Orderly Network community is anxious for more information about our upcoming token launch and airdrop. As mentioned in our prior blog on The Road to The Order, we planned for more than 10 epochs, and today we can share for the first time that we are currently targeting 12 epochs in total, with the airdrop beginning only a few days after. In other words, the main snapshot, that for trading volume, is currently expected to occur in late June. Please note that there could always be developments (e.g. technical considerations) that could cause this date to shift, but that is our current timeline.

There are two other things you should know now about The Road to The Order, and upcoming airdrop:


As mentioned previously, NEAR traders absolutely qualify for the Orderly airdrop. We are distributing the Orderly token only to EVM wallet addresses, however. So, for NEAR traders to receive their tokens, they must “bind” their NEAR wallets to an EVM wallet that they own. On June 13, we will add a new section on The Road to The Order landing page with more guidance on binding.

NEAR traders must bind their NEAR wallets from June 13 - June 27, or else they will not be able to receive their airdrop allocation.

In addition to the updated landing page containing guidance on binding, users will also see (if applicable) their NEAR Merits calculations, as well as Merits calculations for our social campaign participants (i.e. Galxe/Zealy – more on this below), and Merits for EVM traders who traded prior to the start of The Road to The Order (whom we refer to as our “First Light Riders”). Final Merits calculations that include all trading activities will be displayed shortly after The Road to The Order ends.

Galxe/Zealy Snapshot

While late June is currently expected to be our main trading snapshot, there is a much smaller, secondary snapshot occurring earlier on June 10* – the snapshot for Orderly’s Galxe & Zealy campaigns. This means that participation in our Galxe & Zealy campaigns after June 10 will no longer count toward Merits, but please keep in mind that trading through any Orderly-integrated broker will continue to count to the airdrop until The Road to The Order ends, which again, is currently estimated for late June. The vast majority of Merits overall are allocated for trading activities; we had also allocated a much smaller secondary bonus for Galxe & Zealy participation on top of the Merits allocation for trading.

More information on the Orderly Network token, and what to expect next, will be coming soon! It has been a whirlwind journey since Orderly Network launched in 2022, and we know you are as excited for this pivotal moment in Orderly’s evolution as we are. Speaking of, if you haven’t already, please join the Orderly Network Discussion Channel on Telegram, and we also have a vibrant Discord community as well. Give us a shout on social media, too! We always look forward to seeing your messages of support, such as on Twitter/X (we’re @OrderlyNetwork), and LinkedIn.

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