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Jun 24, 2024
Orderly Network is Extending The Road to The Order, Increasing Airdrop Token Allocation
by Orderly Network
Orderly Network is Extending The Road to The Order, Increasing Airdrop Token Allocation

The interest in the upcoming Orderly Network token launch has been overwhelming – more than 230,000 unique wallet addresses and counting are eligible for Merits, our system for allocating future Orderly Network tokens to our most important constituents – our community.

Today, we are announcing two changes to Merits: first, we are significantly increasing the overall token allocation toward Merits from 59 million Orderly Network tokens to 92 million, which increases our total airdrop from 10% of the total supply of 1 billion tokens to 13.3%.

Second, we are extending the Merits campaign – what we call “The Road to The Order” – for up to eight more weeks, with the potential to end earlier.

This Thursday, June 27, marks the end of our 12th epoch in The Road to The Order (each epoch lasts one week); to-date, each epoch has been allocated 2,000,000 Merits. In order to reward participants who have been participating in The Road to the Order from the beginning, and ensure their participation will not be diluted by the newly added epochs, we will begin to taper off Merits moving forward through the following schedule:

  • Epoch 13: 2,000,000 Merits
  • Epoch 14: 1,900,000
  • Epoch 15: 1,800,000
  • Epoch 16: 1,700,000
  • Epoch 17: 1,600,000
  • Epoch 18: 1,500,000
  • Epoch 19: 1,400,000
  • Epoch 20: 1,300,000

Once again, please see here for updated information on your Merits in real time. As a reminder, Merits and The Road to The Order are our system of airdrop allocation for traders on any EVM-based builder currently integrated with Orderly. The snapshot for traders on any of our NEAR-integrated builders has already occurred on June 10.

We understand that this decision may come as a surprise but we have been carefully monitoring current market conditions, and want to put our token launch – and the future, decentralized path forward for Orderly Network – in the best position to succeed as possible. Our recent growth has been astonishing – Orderly routinely ranks within the top-five crypto derivatives platforms globally as per DeFiLlama, and we have turned to profit on the back of strong recent integrations with some of the leading DEXs in the world.

Soon, everyone will be on Orderly.

All systems operational.
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