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Jun 13, 2024
Orderly Network Airdrop Allocation: NEAR Traders, Bind Your Wallets Now!
by Orderly Network
Orderly Network Airdrop Allocation: NEAR Traders, Bind Your Wallets Now!


  • 100,000,000 $ORDER are allocated to the retroactive airdrop

  • Bind your wallet in 4 simple steps; Visit Airdrop Page >> Connect EVM Address >> Connect NEAR Address >> Bind your Addresses

Orderly Network owes its success to early community adopters over the past two years, and for the first time, we are announcing the $ORDER distribution for each category of our early supporters.

To show appreciation, 10% (100,000,000 $ORDER) of the total supply is allocated for a retroactive airdrop to these various categories of users. Here is our airdrop allocation breakdown;

Orderly Merits: 59,000,000 $ORDER

  • Users who earned Orderly merits via any Orderly-powered frontends will receive a portion of the airdrop based on their accrued merits. (Important⚠️: Merits from the Road to The Order are not displayed on airdrop page yet)

EVM Early Adopters: 32,000,000 $ORDER

  • Initial traders who supported Orderly from its start on EVM before the Orderly Merits Campaign began.

NEAR Early Adopters: 8,000,000 $ORDER

  • Early users who supported Orderly on NEAR up to June 10, 2024. (Note: NEAR users must link their NEAR address with an EVM address before June 27th 2024 to receive the airdrop.)

Social Campaign Participants: 1,000,000 $ORDER

  • Community users on Galxe and Zealy who participated in campaigns and contributed to the project's growth. Two subgroups will receive allocations:

    -Zealy Orderly Long-Term Incentive Program: Participants will receive allocations based on accumulated experience points (XP).

    -Galxe Campaign: Participants will receive allocations based on Orderly Galxe points.

You can now check your ORDER allocation here: https://airdrop.orderly.network/

How To Bind Your NEAR Address

Following our previous announcement on the upcoming airdrop, this is for all our NEAR traders!

NEAR traders are eligible for the Orderly airdrop, but for NEAR traders to receive their tokens, they need to "bind" their NEAR wallets to **an EVM wallet **that they own.

The binding process will be opened from June 13th - June 27th, so here is a step-by-step guide to help NEAR traders receive their airdrop allocation.

Note⚠️: Be sure to bind the same NEAR Address you used to trade on Orderly’s NEAR instance

So how do you bind your address as a NEAR user?

1. Visit Airdrop Page: https://airdrop.orderly.network/

First, visit the Orderly Airdrop page, and click the “Start” 0.png

2. Connect your EVM Address.

Paste your preferred EVM Address in the text and click “Connect” a.png

3. Connect your NEAR Address

Paste your preferred NEAR Address in the text box and click “Connect”. Click “OK” on the reminder b.png


4. Bind Your NEAR Address to your EVM Address

On the next page, you’ll see the “Ready to Bind” prompt. Click “Bind”


Confirm your binding, click “Continue”

Note⚠️: Once the binding is completed, it cannot be undone. Be sure to verify each address carefully d.png

Wait for confirmation d2.png

5. Congratulations! You have successfully bounded your NEAR Address e.png

The Road to The Order is Rounding Up; Airdrop Season is NEAR

As stated in the announcement, the Road to the Order campaign is currently slated for 12 epochs. Currently on the 10th epoch, the window is closing in to earn Merits and get a share of the Orderly Airdrop.

Is it too late? Certainly not! With 2 million merits allocated to each epoch every week, you can still snatch up a piece of the pie.

Join over 55k+ active traders in the campaign now: https://app.orderly.network/

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