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Jun 06, 2024
Xade Finance Integrates Orderly to build Composable, Omnichain DEX Trading in its SuperApp
by Orderly Network
Xade Finance Integrates Orderly to build Composable, Omnichain DEX Trading in its SuperApp

We are proud to announce our integration with Xade Finance, a robust super app that combines decentralized finance with the traditional financial markets.

With over 100k+ markets trading app where users can trade markets including stocks, crypto, forex & more.

This integration will enable users trade perps via an orderbook fitted with omnichain liquidity directly from Xade’s super app, thus further reflecting the growing significance of Orderly’s infrastructure in Web3 and beyond.

Traders can now expect;

  • Integrated omnichain trading experience: Traders can now seamlessly trade perps within Xade’s composable interface, using up to 50x leverage across a wide variety of assets and multiple chains. Perps positions on Xade will be settled onchain alongside trades from other Orderly-supported networks, including Arbitrum, Polygon, Mantle, and Base. This creates a true omnichain ecosystem with seamless cross-chain deposits and withdrawals..
  • Omnichain bootstrapped liquidity: Xade can now seamlessly tap into Orderly’s shared omnichain liquidity where all orders converge into the same orderbook, ensuring tighter spreads and low slippage while trading. With over $40B total trading volume and $1B average daily trading volume, Xade’s users are tapping into one of the largest single sources of perps liquidity in DeFi.
  • Ultra-fast trade execution: Traders on Xade can now enjoy ultra-fast trading suitable for high frequency trading (HFT) strategies with low latency similar to CEXs while having full custody of their assets and onchain transparency
  • Simplified user interface: Orderly’s CLOB infrastructure will offer an intuitive interface that simplifies trading for beginners and pro traders on Xade.

Integrating Orderly-powered DEX infrastructure with Xade Finance further enhances the capabilities of the Xade super app, expanding trading options to users through the infusion of multichain perps and spot functions. This immediately propels Xade to the pinnacle of multi-market asset trading apps offering composable and simplified access to TradFi and DeFi.

Our goal at Xade is to become the Robinhood of DeFi, providing the best of DeFi aggregated across all chains. Our futures offering, powered by Orderly’s Omnichain infrastructure, is designed to deliver unparalleled efficiency, liquidity, and accessibility is a major step in our journey of bringing mass adoption to DeFi - Harshal Madnani, Founder, Xade Finance

Xade Finance readily boasts seamless onboarding and over 100 funds deposit methods across 90+ countries. It also offers access to 100,000 markets across crypto, stocks, forex, commodities and other global markets, offering non-custodial trading. It also combines AI-powered portfolio, market analytics tools, real-time news, and advanced chart options. With upcoming features/updates such as web2 login and smart accounts, trades displayed in regional currency, seamless on/off-ramping, and a mobile app coming soon, Xade’s positioning itself as an innovative hub for frictionless DeFi trading.

The combination of Xade Finance’s ultimate trading super app and Orderly’s robust permissionless omnichain trading infrastructure is set to herald a new wave of DeFi omnichain trading experience.

Orderly’s integration is set to further transform these expansive offerings by infusing omnichain perps and spots trading with deep liquidity across major EVM and non-EVM chains, including Arbitrum, Base, NEAR, Polygon, and Mantle. Orderly will also facilitate near-instant cross-chain asset transfers to fully maximize trading experiences across markets.

"Orderly’s Northstar is to make DEX usage as simple as CEX." said Arjun Arora, COO, Orderly Network. "By integrating Orderly’s omnichain DEX infrastructure in Xade’s super app, we are heralding a new era of Web3 onboarding where TradFi traders can move into DeFi seamlessly and without any hassle”.

Orderly is fast gaining popularity amongst DeFi builders as the foremost infrastructure for fast bootstrapping and deep omnichain liquidity. Xade Finance’s integration is yet another testament to this assertion.

All systems operational.
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