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Apr 12, 2024
Ecosystem Spotlight
Who the F*#k is CC2?
by Orderly Network
Who the F*#k is CC2?

There’s this dude on twitter who keeps hitting these ridiculous airdrops. He’s already bagged over $500K this year from the crypto gods. That’s more than a senior software engineer salary…in a few months… just from clicking a few buttons. His goal is to get $1M in airdrops this year.

CC2 is probably the most well-known airdrop hunter in the space. We still remember when he first tweeted about Orderly Network; we gained about 40,000 followers in a few minutes and some significant volume as well. CC2 brings with his loyal fanbase of crypto bros trying to retire on airdrops.

CC2 liked farming Orderly so much that he even decided to invest in our seed round. Yes that's right, he invests as well. It’s not just airdrop farming.

So who is this CC2 guy anyways?

We sat him down and picked his brain. Here’s what he had to say:

What did you do before you got into crypto?

Before Crypto, I was working a regular office job. It was quite alright, but got boring rather fast as I noticed that most of the work can be done within a few hours, with the remaining being essentially wasted (=low efficiency). I was always fascinated with investing and ‘escaping the rat race’, so I started dabbling into stocks early on. Back then, r/Wallstreetbets was gaining massive traction, and it’s also where I scored my first sizable win (the Gamestop saga). Ever since, I got hooked with Finance as it felt more like a game than ‘work’ - it was actually fun! Crypto was already a hot topic back then, so it was a natural transition

How do you explain your job to your parents?

I don’t really go in-depth when I talk with them about Crypto, as the learning curve can be quite steep. I just tell them ‘I do Crypto stuff.’

Is crypto your full time gig now?

Yep. Shortly after the Arbitrum Airdrop I realized that there’s a huge market inefficiency unfolding right before our very eyes, so I took the risk with my savings and went ‘all-in’. I simply had to spend >8 hours a day airdrop farming; anything below that threshold wouldn’t have allowed me to capture the ‘meat of the move’. So there was no time to hold a job (where half of the time is wasted away anyway)

What was the first airdrop you ever received?

The first sizable one was definitely Arbitrum. Before that, I got Optimism Airdrop #2 and some smaller Cosmos Airdrops but it was nothing to write home about. I’m forever thankful for Arbitrum, as their airdrop made me rethink my entire Job/Crypto approach, and got me where I am now.

You seem to farm with quite a few wallets, that must be time consuming. How much of your time do you spend on farming?

It is indeed quite time consuming. During peak froth I spent >12 hours/day airdrop farming, nowadays I turned it down a notch and it's maybe 6-8 (so like a regular job). Plus, a ton of projects have been tokenized, and I’m not planning to add many fresh ones, so the workload will only decrease going forward. That being said, I’ll always airdrop farm to some extent, as the delayed gratification you receive post-airdrop is unmatched. Plus, during the process of farming, you feel accomplished too, it feels ‘productive’

If all airdrops stopped tomorrow, what would you do?

I’d focus more on the DeFi aspect of Crypto (Yield Farming,Trading On-chain Coins), and devote more time working for or with Crypto teams. I’d definitely stick with Crypto, as the ‘gamification’ aspect of it is too enjoyable and rewarding to completely stop it.

Point system or mystery? Which do you prefer?

This is wildly dependent on the project in my opinion. For something like LayerZero and zkSync (with already a ton of wallets), it wouldn’t make sense to go for a points system. Due to their size, they can’t really go the linear/semi-linear route as this wouldn’t lead to effective decentralization (too many tokens in the hands of a few individuals). Plus, they already have too many users, so a points system would add even more fuel to the fire and make their sample size even larger.

For trading-volume based projects (Hyperliquid, Tensor, Blur, and also Orderly) it makes sense to go for a points system, as projects of that kind usually carefully calculate their total allocation in advance, and then just adjust the weekly points to make it as fair as possible (even if not entirely linear)

Hard to describe, but this is how I view it.

Do you think it's fair when people complain that their airdrops are too small?

This also depends.

On one hand, every single user pushes the metrics of projects in their earliest stages (pre-token), which in turn leads to a higher valuation and gives projects massive exposure. In a sense, users MAKE the project what they eventually become, so they should be rewarded generously for their efforts.

But what we also see is users complaining about getting $50, when all they’ve done is push 10 txs in total.

It also further complicates the whole process, as some projects have MASSIVE user counts (in the millions), and if they try to reward everyone, the per-user airdrop becomes rather small (despite them putting in a lot of effort), leading to dissatisfaction.

Execution is key IMO.

Lastly, if someone new to crypto started today. Where should they focus their airdrop hunting?

This is conditional:

  • Does the new Crypto user already have a sizable net worth (say, $50K+)?

In this case, liquidity-based airdrops can be quite lucrative while being mostly passive once set up. Eigenlayer, Zircuit, Parcl, Ambient, Mode, Hyperliquid (HLP), Pontem, Linea (TVL campaign), & Blast immediately come to mind. Orderly can also fit in here, as the airdrop is merit/volume based.

  • Does the new user play with a small bankroll (say, $5k)?

In this case, he/she should focus on Testnets, or Tx-Based Airdrops. They should be aware that this sector of airdrops MUCH more competitive, due to low cost of entry

Airdrops that fit this sector: LayerZero, zkSync, Scroll, Kroma, Hyperlane, Magpie, deBridge, Zetachain Szn #2, Aptos, ZyFi – honestly, the list is endlessly expandable.

All systems operational.
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