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Jul 09, 2024
Supply Liquidity to Orderly with Orderly Quantum Pools, Powered by Elixir
by Orderly Network
Supply Liquidity to Orderly with Orderly Quantum Pools, Powered by Elixir


  • Quantum pools allow you to supply liquidity directly to Orderly pairs, acting as an AMM equivalent for orderbooks
  • Get double rewards with Orderly Deeds and Elixir potions.
  • Supply liquidity in 4 simple steps;
    • Visit Quantum Page >> Connect EVM Wallet >> Connect EVM Wallet to Elixir pool >> Deposit USDC in your selected pool

Borne out of our partnership with Elixir Protocol, Orderly Quantum – our first user-facing product – has been fully functional boasting over $15 million+ in TVL since its launch last month across all asset pairs on Orderly.

Orderly Quantum pools allow you to provide liquidity to any Orderly pair in just a few steps like a pro market maker but without any complexities, earning up to 10% APY on your deposits.

Want to get started? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

1. Visit Quantum Page: https://app.orderly.network/elixir

First, visit the Orderly Quantum page, and click the “Connect” button


2. Connect your EVM wallet to the Orderly Quantum App


You can switch between any Orderly-supported EVM chain 4.png

3. Select the perps you want to provide liquidity and connect to Elixir.

For this guide, we will be supplying liquidity to the ARB-PERP pool. The same steps apply to other perp assets


Click the Open Pool button corresponding to your asset of choice. You are immediately redirected to the Elixir homepage where Orderly Quantum pools reside. https://agg.elixir.xyz/

Connect your wallet to the Elixir-powered Orderly pool. Click “Connect” 6.png

Select your preferred wallet from the list 7.png

4. With your wallet connected, you are set to provide liquidity to the ARB-PERP Orderly pool and make a deposit.

Note⚠️: Only USDC deposits are supported

Search the asset and find the Orderly Perp ARB-USDC pair. Click "Supply". 8.png

Enter the amount of USDC you wish to deposit and click “Supply”. 9.png

Confirm your transaction and approve the transaction from your wallet. 10.png

Congratulations! You have successfully contributed to our orderbook and you are eligible to earn Orderly DEEDs and Elixir potions. 11.png


5. Refresh the Orderly Quantum webpage to see your USDC deposit

View and track your deposits on the Orderly Quantum app 13.png

Orderly x Elixir; Pro Market Making Made Simple

Congratulations! You are now an Orderly market maker, providing liquidity to Orderly assets in just a matter of minutes, with no extensive knowledge required.

With more DEXs coming on Orderly and our continuous omnichain expansion to every chain where trading occurs, your supply helps enhance the Orderly orderbook liquidity and ecosystem while earning you valuable rewards.

Get started with Orderly Quantum here; https://app.orderly.network/elixir

Happy Trading!

All systems operational.
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