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May 20, 2024
CoolWallet Gets Cooler, Expanding Beyond Swaps with Orderly Omnichain Integration to Introduce Onchain Perps Trading
by Orderly Network
CoolWallet Gets Cooler, Expanding Beyond Swaps with Orderly Omnichain Integration to Introduce Onchain Perps Trading

Orderly Network is pleased to announce its partnership with CoolWallet, a self-custodial, multi-chain supported wallet that seamlessly integrates hardware and software with a mobile-first approach. This partnership will welcome CoolWallet into the Orderly fold as they launch their first-ever perp DEX offering, built on Orderly Network.

Orderly Network’s robust omnichain infrastructure for permissionless Web3 trading knitted with CoolWallet’s industry-leading secure crypto wallet will unlock an improved trading experience that is far improved and unprecedented amongst crypto traders using cold wallets.

Now you get;

  • Integrated Omnichain Perps Trading: CoolWallet users can now trade perps on multiple chains with up to 50x leverage across a wide variety of assets directly from their wallets. Secure cross-chain deposit & withdrawals will now be available as well, without any bridging involved.
  • Bootstrapped Liquidity Across Chains: No worries about liquidity as CoolWallet users will now have unbridled access to Orderly’s shared liquidity model, converging all orders into the same orderbook, ensuring ample liquidity and tighter spreads for multiple assets.
  • CEX-like Execution Speeds: With Orderly Network’s infrastructure optimized for low-latency and high-frequency trading (HFT), CoolWallet users can enjoy lightning-fast execution speeds similar to CEXs, while maintaining self-custody and onchain transparency.
  • User-Friendly Interface for Traders: CoolWallet users will benefit from Orderly SDK's customizable themes and CLOB infrastructure, providing a seamless trading experience.

Powered by Orderly’s omnichain infrastructure, CoolWallet will now offer and build an orderbook-powered perp DEX option for traders, enabling its users to trade directly from the wallet — immediately distinguishing CoolWallet from its peers. This DEX opens up a novel dimension for CoolWallet users by providing an orderbook-based trading interface, enabling spot and perp trading and a CEX-like execution style suited for advanced traders.

Partnering with Orderly marks a significant milestone for CoolWallet. Leveraging Orderly’s state-of-the-art omnichain infrastructure, we can now offer our users a seamless and secure way to trade perps with high leverage across multiple blockchains.” said Michael Ou, CEO, CoolWallet, We’re excited to provide our users with top-tier security, liquidity, and execution speed, setting a new standard for onchain trading.

CoolWallet users, which comprise several large crypto holders, can now do more than the basic swap functions from within their wallets. The Orderly-powered DEX will enable seamless spot and perp trading, with leverage of up to 50X across multiple assets on major EVM chains, including Arbitrium, Polygon, Optimism, Base, and more.

CoolWallet users will also enjoy deep liquidity while trading perps across multiple blockchain networks without the risks associated with cross-chain bridges and asset transfers. With over 300,000 active users on CoolWallet, Orderly will also benefit from whale holders injected into the Orderly ecosystem, trading seamlessly and adding to the supremacy of our orderbook DEX infrastructure, boosting volumes across the board.

Orderly Network’s orderbook interface is most appealing to traders who are particular about the ownership and security of their assets, said Ran Yi, Co-founder, Orderly Network. CoolWallet’s emphasis on decentralization and asset security for traders resonates with Orderly’s core pillar of offering institutional-grade decentralized infrastructure that catches up with CEX and gives traders a compact interface that is robust and seamless for onchain DeFi trading.

Orderly Network has become one of the fastest growing derivatives trading infrastructure with many leading projects like CoolWallet able to swiftly integrate and build out DEX options for their users, swiftly expanding the possibilities of DeFi trading across chains.

All systems operational.
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