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Jun 13, 2024
Orderly Network Launches Omnichain Vault on Ethereum Mainnet, Pioneering the Future of Omnichain Perps on DeFi’s Stronghold
by Orderly Network
Orderly Network Launches Omnichain Vault on Ethereum Mainnet, Pioneering the Future of Omnichain Perps on DeFi’s Stronghold

Orderly Network is thrilled to announce the deployment of our omnichain vault on the Ethereum mainnet, a key milestone in our omnichain expansion journey. $50B+ in total trading volume, 14+ Brokers and counting, and 45+ assets listed, Orderly Network finally debuts on the base layer – the origin and stronghold of DeFi trading.

Expanding across all major EVM chains and L2s, Orderly’s infrastructure delivers a seamless, efficient, and robust trading infrastructure for traders, protocols, and developers across the Ethereum ecosystem.

Essentially, Orderly’s omnichain vault will enable;

  • Trading directly from the base layer for a seamless omnichain perps trading experience.
  • Cross-chain deposits and withdrawals to any of our supported chains from Ethereum
  • DEXs on the Ethereum mainnet can now offer Orderly perps!

Orderly Network offers an orderbook trading infrastructure with guaranteed liquidity at high execution speeds, rivaling the experience of CEXs while maintaining the transparency and sovereignty of DeFi. With this deployment, users can now trade across every major EVM chain where Orderly vaults reside.

So what exactly is coming to the base layer?

  • Shared Liquidity for Omnichain Perps Trading: Orderly Network operates a shared liquidity model spanning multiple chains and operating on a single orderbook. By converging liquidity into a single source, Orderly ensures deeper liquidity, tighter spreads, and reduced slippage for onchain perps trading with up to 50X leverage across a wide variety of assets.
  • Hassle-free Developers Integration: New and existing projects on Ethereum mainnet can now easily launch an omnichain perp DEX with liquidity guaranteed. Orderly Network offers a powerful SDK that enables seamless integration for builders, and delivers superior performance suitable for high-frequency trading.
  • Scalable Modular Architecture: Leveraging Celestia’s modular data availability network, Orderly can scale its infrastructure effectively. This architecture supports faster deployment, iterative development, and quick adaptation to growing user bases.
  • Permissionless Trading Experience with CEX-like benefits: Users on Ethereum can now enjoy a fully decentralized trading experience through Orderly’s low-latency, high throughput infrastructure. Orderly’s matching engine delivers high-frequency trading (HFT) and CEX-like execution speed without compromising on self-custody and onchain transparency, creating a trading environment suitable to both retail and pro-traders

Orderly began its omnichain expansion on Arbitrum and has since expanded to all major EVM networks and L2s, including Polygon, Base, Linea, Mantle, and Optimism.

With the Ethereum mainnet deployment, users can trade perps across chains without resorting to bridges, while enjoying seamless cross-chain deposits and withdrawals. This enhances capital efficiency, reduces slippage, and eliminates common risks and tedious processes associated with onchain trading. Furthermore, the convergence of all trades in a single orderbook effectively makes Orderly the most robust, permissionless liquidity layer for Web3.

"Center to our goal at Orderly is to solve DeFi’s biggest challenge which is liquidity. We are actively working on being the de-facto solution across all of DeFi through our omnichain expansion. Eventually, Orderly will become synonymous with DeFi’s omnichain liquidity layer ", says Arjun Arora, COO, Orderly Network.

A Settlement Layer for DeFi, powered by the Orderly Chain

In TradFi systems, ensuring sufficient liquidity helps in the smooth functioning of cross-netting arrangements across various brokers, as parties can meet their obligations without delay, reducing the number of transactions that need to be settled individually, thereby lowering transaction fees and operational costs.

The Orderly Chain effectively fills this role for DeFi, serving as the settlement layer and ledger for all transactions (i.e. transaction data, user data balances, and trading data) on Orderly Network – thus aggregating liquidity on one single chain. With such omnichain liquidity guaranteed, Orderly establishes a chain-agnostic and robust liquidity landscape that delivers sufficient liquidity, improves trading efficiency, and unlocks cross-netting capabilities previously unavailable in DeFi– similar to the function of a CME in TradFi.

Ran Yi said while speaking on the successful deployment of the Orderly’s vault on the mainnet;

“The deployment on Ethereum mainnet has always been a milestone on Orderly’s timeline. Ethereum is the home of DeFi and we are proud to have finally brought our omnichain infrastructure to its core, granting devs and traders on the base layer direct access to Orderly’s omnichain liquidity”.

Ranking consistently in the top 5 for onchain derivatives trading volume on DeFillama, as well as leading the charge as the most efficient and largest rollup leveraging Celestia for data availability, Orderly is rapidly positioning itself as the ultimate destination for DEX building and the permissionless liquidity layer for all Web3 trading.

Orderly Network will continue in its quest to make DeFi more liquid, efficient, accessible, and agile. The successful deployment of our omnichain vault on the Ethereum mainnet not only solidifies our position within the EVM ecosystem but also catalyzes further innovation and boosts trading volumes on Orderly

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand our omnichain presence and bring unparalleled trading experiences to onchain users across web3.

All systems operational.
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