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Sep 18, 2023
Spotlighting Orderly Omnichain: Introducing the Orderly Omnichain Spotlight Campaign
by Orderly Network

Orderly Network is set to amplify the buzz in the world of DeFi with our exhilarating Orderly Omnichain Spotlight Campaign. Aimed at creating heightened awareness about Orderly Omnichain, this month-long campaign will unravel a specific aspect of our expansion, with unique themes highlighting our diverse partnerships and integrations.

As we make headway into the EVM ecosystem as a first step in our omnichain expansion, collaboration sits at the heart of our journey. Partnering with industry forerunners ensures that Orderly not only integrates seamlessly but also pioneers solutions that cater to a broader spectrum of user needs.

Orderly Omnichain Unleashed

Orderly Network is now going omnichain, and this time, we are extending a warm welcome to EVM developers. Brace yourselves for a revolutionary change in the world of decentralized finance. With our omnichain settlement layer, we are introducing institutional-grade order book infrastructure that will set new standards in the industry.

Key Highlights of Orderly Omnichain

Cross-Chain Interactions: Developers, this one’s for you! Now you can create dApps that seamlessly interact with users across different chains, all powered by LayerZero. Imagine a trader on Polygon seamlessly trading with counterparts on Arbitrum or AVAX without leaving the Polygon ecosystem. The possibilities are endless!

Integrate with Ease: Orderly’s Stack is your gateway to effortlessly integrating CLOB perpetual trading. Say goodbye to integration headaches as we serve brokers, HFT firms, dApps, and more, all in one go.

High-Speed Liquidity: Developers, unleash your creativity! Build your own Perpetual DEX with the help of our high-speed, shared liquidity CLOB trading infrastructure that is accessible across the EVM ecosystem.

Orderly Omnichain is already in testnet and builders can begin to explore the extensive possibilities of our revolutionary innovation.

Spotlighting Orderly Omnichain: What’s on the Horizon?

This month-long campaign is designed to run with a theme for each week. As we traverse the evolving landscape of DeFi, each week of this campaign will unravel a specific aspect of our expansion, with unique themes highlighting our diverse partnerships and integrations — thus illuminating the path we’re charting.

Each week’s theme focuses and highlights our industry partners across four main categories — Network partners, Infrastructure partners, Protocol partners, and Community partners.

From 18th September to 13th October 2023, journey with us through a month of revelations, collaborations, and innovations! Click here to begin on Galxe: Orderly Omnichain Spotlight

Weekly Spotlight details:

Week 1: Network Partners

This week will be dedicated to alliances that are integral to our Omnichain expansion. Look forward to powerful collaborations with industry leaders from OP Labs, Polygon, Linea, Ava Labs, Scroll, and Arbitrum.

Week 2: Infrastructure Partners

Our infrastructure partners are the backbone of our expansion. They are the foundational pillars that fortify our Omnichain expansion. This week, we spotlight the technical marvels and partners that bolster our platform’s capabilities to ensure a robust omnichain experience — Google GCP, MoonPay, and LayerZero.

Week 3: Protocol Partners

Front-end partners are crucial in this journey. This week will spotlight the forefront integrations shaping the user experiences on Orderly — whether it’s the tried and tested Orderly NEAR or the new frontier Orderly Omnichain.

Partners like Rage Trade, Prime Protocol, TangleSwap, BTSE, and WOO are either integrating or on the brink of integration with Orderly Omnichain. Exciting times ahead!

Week 4: Community Partners

Building a thriving community is at the heart of everything we do. The concluding week of the campaign will spotlight our commitment to educating developers and builders on Orderly Omnichain through interactive AMAs, community calls, and events. In this concluding week, It’s all about synergy, shared growth, and joint ventures, as well as, educating and building solid developer relationships. We will collaborate with esteemed community-centric partners — LearnWeb3, BuilderDao, CryptoArsenal, and 0xForce — to provide necessary educational material (deep dives, guides, mini-courses, etc.)

About Orderly’s Omnichain Expansion

At Orderly, innovation isn’t just a buzzword — it’s our guiding light. The Omnichain expansion signifies our commitment to crafting comprehensive solutions that harmonize the expansive world of DeFi. By integrating across various networks within the EVM ecosystem, we’re unlocking more composability and trading functionality for users.

Orderly is on a mission to redefine DeFi and dApps by providing developers with the tools needed to build functional cross-chain projects. Hence, bridging the gap between native chains and the EVM is central to what we aim to achieve. Now, with Orderly Omnichain, builders have the power to create cross-chain dApps and traders can experience seamless trading across various chains — no bridges required. Our commitment to providing unified liquidity, empowering collaborative ecosystems, and delivering CEX-like experiences in DeFi is at the core of everything we do.

Join us on this exciting journey as we make waves with the Orderly Omnichain in the EVM ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates, partnerships, and innovations that will shape the future of decentralized finance.

The Orderly Omnichain Spotlight Campaign is just the beginning!

All systems operational.
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