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Feb 29, 2024
Orderly Network Teams Up with EMDX to Introduce Perps to Emerging Markets
by Orderly Network
Orderly Network Teams Up with EMDX to Introduce Perps to Emerging Markets

Orderly Network is thrilled to announce a partnership with EMDX, a trailblazer in the Web3 derivatives sector, to unveil an innovative perpetual trading product on their platform. EMDX's mission is to unlock worldwide access to derivatives trading, focusing on Emerging Markets and Real-World Assets (RWAs).

This partnership marries EMDX's comprehensive trading platform, which encompasses not only cryptocurrencies, but is also set to expand into FX, commodities, and energy derivatives.

Frictionless Integration, Frictionless Trading

Thanks to this collaboration, EMDX will adopt Orderly Network's backend-as-a-service infrastructure and liquidity to elevate its derivatives trading platform, promising users an enhanced and fluid trading experience. With Orderly's infrastructure, EMDX plans to offer trading across more than 18 token pairs with leverage options up to 20X, all while ensuring a gasless, KYC-free process that safeguards user privacy.

"This initiative is dedicated to dismantling the prevalent barriers within the DeFi ecosystem, aiming to introduce advanced, secure, and transparent trading mechanisms. It represents a concerted effort to elevate the infrastructure of DeFi, ensuring accessibility and integrity for all participants," says Bernardo Corti, Co-Founder of EMDX

Central to this collaboration is a dedication to emerging markets, with EMDX leveraging Orderly Network's framework to improve access to advanced trading dApps. This effort aims to tackle the lack of hedging tools and the necessity for constant pricing, offering significant advantages to traders in these areas by boosting liquidity access and market efficiency.

EMDX has already achieved notable milestones, such as forming key partnerships and introducing new trading products. Supported by Orderly Network's technology, EMDX is poised for further expansion in its product range and user engagement, contributing to the overall growth and accessibility of the DeFi landscape.

Our COO, Arjun Arora, shared, "We are excited about the potential this partnership holds for the DeFi community. By introducing Orderly's perpetual offering to a new market through our collaboration with EMDX, we're not just expanding our reach; we're also reinforcing our commitment to the development and widespread adoption of decentralized finance."

Orderly Network is revolutionizing trading with its permissionless liquidity layer. Built on omnichain infrastructure, Orderly incepts deep liquidity for any asset across blockchains. It empowers any and all developers to connect and offer a comprehensive selection of financial products for retail and sophisticated traders alike, without the risks of wrapped asset movement through cross-chain bridging.

Orderly envisions a future in which any asset can be traded on any blockchain, anytime. The backend infrastructure behind decentralized trading will be completely abstracted away from the user.

This partnership highlights a shared dedication to making finance more democratic. By combining Orderly's orderbook trading infrastructure with EMDX's market expertise, we are set to break into and bring decentralized trading to emerging markets.

All systems operational.
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