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Apr 11, 2024
Orderly Network Supercharges IBX with Robust Liquidity for Onchain Derivatives Trading
by Orderly Network
Orderly Network Supercharges IBX with Robust Liquidity for Onchain Derivatives Trading

Orderly Network is thrilled to announce the successful integration of IBX, an onchain derivatives protocol seeking to revolutionize the perps trading space through numerous innovative features for elite traders. This partnership strengthens Orderly Network's position as the go-to infrastructure for permissionless liquidity in Web3 trading.

By combining Orderly Network's strong back-end infrastructure with IBX's focus on secure, affordable, and permissionless perp trading, this partnership will allow the IBX platform to offer:

  • Deep Liquidity & Tighter Spreads: Through IBX's integration with Orderly Network, traders can access unparalleled market depth and reduced slippage, ensuring efficient trading with tighter spreads across a diverse range of assets.
  • Lightning-Speed Transactions with Instant Order Matching: IBX users will benefit from instant order matching, providing low-latency, swift-execution trades suitable for high-frequency tradeing.
  • One-click, Gasless Trading & Lowest Fees: Say goodbye to hefty transaction fees and multiple signatures. IBX will offer gasless trading with a trading key pair created at the start of each trading session, requiring no further signatures or approval – making trading on the platform cost-effective and seamless for users. Additionally, IBX boasts minimal fees, with a maker fee of 0.025% and a taker Fee of 0.055%, empowering traders to maximize profits and minimize costs.
  • Sleek UI/UX: Leveraging Orderly’s CLOB infrastructure and customizable themes, IBX will deliver a sleek and intuitive CEX-like interface, making trading a breeze for both novice and experienced traders alike.

“Entering into a collaboration with Orderly Network is a significant leap towards enhancing the trading experience for onchain traders," said Megak, the CEO of IBX. "This initiative, focusing on launching our first version of a perpetual DEX with Orderly, lays the groundwork for a suite of innovative features we plan to introduce. This partnership is not merely an addition to our services but a pivotal move to delve into the rapidly expanding world of leveraged trading within DeFi. Our ambition extends beyond the current integration, aiming to redefine liquidity and trading efficiency for digital finance. We envision creating a vibrant and dynamic trading environment that caters to both experienced institutional investors and keen retail traders. Together with Orderly Network, we are dedicated to transforming the future of trading, making sophisticated financial tools more accessible, and shaping the next phase of market evolution.

Crafted by traders, for traders, IBX employs a trader-first mindset in delivering onchain perps trading for elite traders at the minimum cost possible. Future iterations of IBX will see advanced trading features, such as degen trading bots and AI-enabled trading tools.

With IBX currently in testnet and set to launch on mainnet in the coming weeks, traders are in for a redefined seamless and secure cross-chain perps trading, across 20+ assets, with self-custody maintained. Once deployed to mainnet, IBX users automatically qualify to participate in the Orderly Merits program and stand a chance to get a share of the upcoming Orderly airdrop alongside other Orderly-powered brokers. In addition, IBX is set to unveil a distinctive incentive program in the coming weeks, crafted specifically for its users.

Meanwhile, Orderly Network stands at the forefront of DeFi innovation, providing omnichain liquidity solutions for traders and builders alike. With permissionless trading infrastructure and asset vaults deployed across major EVM chains, Orderly Network addresses liquidity challenges and simplifies trading across multiple chains. Builders also gain access to a suite of product offerings tailored to meet diverse user needs, while traders enjoy enhanced liquidity and on-chain trading efficiency.

"IBX’s successful integration with Orderly Network continues to demonstrate the robustness of the Orderly trading infrastructure," said Arjun Arora, COO, Orderly Network. “We always seek partnerships that aim to push the boundaries of onchain trading, providing the backend- infrastructure for such visionaries, eliminating the stumbling blocks that have hindered projects from launching perp DEXs at a go. While we are thrilled to welcome another broker to the Orderly ecosystem, it is even more fulfilling to help projects like IBX in realizing its vision."

All systems operational.
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