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Oct 03, 2023
Orderly Network Partners with Sweat Economy to integrate Seamless Crypto Trading Feature in Sweat Wallet
by Orderly Network

Orderly Network proudly announces its strategic partnership with Sweat Economy, the influential force behind the top-tier health & fitness app Sweatcoin and one of the most active dApps, Sweat Wallet. With our omnichain order book infrastructure, Sweat Wallet’s in-app crypto-to-crypto feature is set to revolutionize how users trade.

Key Highlights of the Partnership

  • Orderly Network is the chosen partner for Sweat Wallet’s in-app trading feature.
  • The core objective is to offer a frictionless trading journey for both crypto-curious and crypto-savvy users.
  • This collaboration embodies the bridging of Web2 and Web3, heralding a new age in digital transactions.
  • With the integration Sweat Wallet users will get access to an unparalleled trading experience; merging the virtues of self-custody with the transparency of DeFi.

What does this mean for Orderly?

Sweat Economy has over 140 million users across the Web2 and Web3 landscape, with over 7.5 million active users on Sweat Wallet (Web3) to date. Sweat Wallet is arguably one of the most successful consumer dApps.

The Sweat Economy community is highly engaged, setting a new record with the largest governance vote in crypto history, attracting over 355K participants. We are thrilled to welcome and support this vibrant community.

This integration will add substantial volume to Orderly. An entirely new user base will get to experience our infrastructure. The Sweat Economy team has done an excellent job at onboarding people into crypto and we are excited to be a part of it and help consumers dive even deeper into the space.

“This partnership significantly broadens our reach, exposing a new user base to Orderly’s infrastructure. We applaud Sweat Economy’s efforts in onboarding people into crypto and look forward to playing our part in furthering this mission,” said Arjun, Chief Operating Officer at Orderly Network

What does this mean for Sweat Economy?

Sweat Economy is more than just a crypto project, it’s seeking to spur a worldwide revolution by establishing an economy of movement, rewarding people for their daily movement including steps taken, jogging, running, etc. With its new crypto-to-crypto exchange feature, the project has inched closer to making this vision a reality. In regard to its latest milestone, Oleg Fomenko, Co-founder of Sweat Economy, commented:

“Our team is extremely thrilled and excited with the launch of this new feature with Orderly Network. From day one, our goal has been to create value for movement and help users walk into crypto. With the Trade feature, users can easily own their first fraction of BTC without any investment from their end. I believe that this development will serve as a significant step forward for the industry as it enables the mass audience to adopt crypto without any financial and knowledge barriers.”

Sweat Economy’s vision and Orderly Network’s trading infrastructure promise a future where wellness, affluence, and technology coalesce in harmony.

About Orderly Network

Orderly Network is an omnichain order book infrastructure that unifies liquidity across blockchains.

We are building the ultimate trading lego for seamless dApp integration by any builder on any blockchain. We are transforming DeFi by combining the transparency and composability of DEXs, with the speed and performance of CEXs.

About Sweat Economy

Sweat Economy is a Web3 ecosystem on a mission to promote healthier lifestyles by encouraging people to move more. It is powered by $SWEAT or Sweat Token, a tokenized physical activity (crypto asset and the unit of physical activity value minted by steps). The token is managed via the intuitive non-custodial Sweat Wallet dApp. Sweat Wallet is a top 5 dApp globally, designed for the crypto-curious.

With over 140M+ registered Sweatcoin users, and more than 10 million Sweat Token holders, Sweat Economy is facilitating one of the most significant onboardings in Web3 history.

About $SWEAT

$SWEAT is a tokenized physical activity. Or in other words is a crypto asset and the unit of physical activity value minted by your steps and validated by the Sweatcoin app. $SWEAT is a top-10 Web3 asset globally by the number of holders and top-15 asset by the level of user activity.

For press inquiries or further details, please reach out to pr@orderly.network

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