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Sep 06, 2023
Partnership Announcement: Orderly Network X HERE Wallet
by Orderly Network

We are pleased to announce our groundbreaking partnership with HERE Wallet, one of the foremost wallet service providers on the NEAR Protocol. This latest partnership aims to introduce a seamless and efficient way for users to manage and trade their digital assets.


Orderly Network X HERE Wallet in Partnership

As you already know, Orderly Network stands at the forefront of the innovations within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, and our goal remains to equip builders and traders with the tools and resources needed to facilitate seamless DeFi operations. We remain dedicated to this pursuit by consistently striving to enhance and simplify trading experience for DeFi users.

On the other hand, HERE Wallet has been redefining how users interact with digital assets on the NEAR Protocol, making it easier for anyone to manage their digital assets on the go. This is exemplified in HERE’s innovative integration that lets you quickly move assets between Binance and your crypto wallet (on the NEAR protocol); thus providing the usage of non-custodial wallets in a centralized exchange.

Our partnership with HERE Wallet therefore gets interesting as we are introducing new features that will take your trading experiences to the next level.

Seamless Swaps with Orderly Integration

Through our partnership, Orderly Network will make new features available to users on HERE Wallet. Users can effortlessly perform token swaps through Orderly, all within the mobile app, and with just a single button press. Whether you wish to swap coins at the best exchange rate, Orderly has simplified the process for you on the HERE wallet.

We have seamlessly combined four transactions into one where you can;

Connect to Orderly Network: Instantly link your HERE Wallet to Orderly Network; Make a deposit: Easily deposit your asset, powered by Orderly Network; Perform an exchange: Execute your desired swaps quickly and conveniently; Transfer to your Wallet: Your exchanged/swapped tokens are automatically transferred back to your HERE Wallet.

Real-Time Transaction Tracking

You can now seamlessly track each stage of your transaction on your mobile screen while enjoying the most favorable exchange rate further; thus delivering the best value for your trade.

Introducing the Orderly Manager

We have now introduced the Orderly Manager within the HERE Wallet settings. This novel feature will enable all users to track their performance and analytics on Orderly Network via a simplified interface. We are committed to expanding the capabilities of this feature while maintaining the minimalist design of the HERE Wallet.

Additionally, our team at Orderly Network is at work to develop more detailed and functional analytics options in a bid to continuously improve your trading experience on Orderly Network via the HERE Wallet.


Orderly x HERE: Simplifying Your Digital Asset Journey

We understand that time is of the essence. Hence, future iterations of the Orderly X HERE integration will introduce new updates that would enable users to minimize the asset transfer window while using the HERE wallet, making for a far more streamlined and faster user experience.

The partnership between Orderly Network and HERE Wallet is supercharged by both parties’ unrelenting drive to deliver the utmost trading and asset management experiences to the ecosystem. Orderly and HERE, synergized in the ultimate vision to propel DeFi adoption, will continue to explore and deliver immersive digital asset trading experiences through innovative infrastructure and blue-ribbon wallet services in this ever-evolving world of blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for more updates as we work together to revolutionize the way you trade and manage your digital assets.

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