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Sep 14, 2023
PR Feature: Orderly Network collaborates with Google Cloud to drive safer and faster DeFi adoption
by Orderly Network

The agreement prioritizes developing secure and user-centric developer tools amid self-custody and transparency concerns for DeFi adoption._

Details of the Partnership

Orderly Network announced today that it is working with Google Cloud to enable DeFi ecosystem projects to be built faster, more securely, and with a lower entry barrier.

The agreement centers on developing user-centric and secure systems that address challenges around self-custody and transparency in DeFi. This is happening within the context of the financial services industry increasingly adopting blockchain and decentralized technologies to develop new revenue streams.

“Our goals are twofold: to unite partners for growth and bridge the gap between DeFi and CeFi, while also supporting Traditional Finance’s adoption of DeFi with timely assistance. The Orderly-Google Cloud collaboration equips developers with user-centric enterprise tools like customizable widgets and ready-made solutions. Additionally, the provided unparalleled liquidity access synergistically streamlines the creation of diverse financial products across various blockchains,” explained Ran Yi, Founder and CEO of Orderly Network.

As part of the agreement, Orderly Network will exclusively develop off-chain components of DeFi infrastructure on Google Cloud. Furthermore, Orderly will be a DeFi infrastructure provider, available on Google Cloud Marketplace. Orderly and Google Cloud will continue working together in this ever evolving space to drive DeFi infrastructure innovation forward.

“We are eager to advance our ongoing collaboration with Google Cloud to accelerate the adoption of our protocol across a multitude of layer 1 & 2 ecosystems. This will infuse the crucial elements of infrastructure, performance, and liquidity into the largest blockchain sector. By integrating Orderly’s easy-to-use DeFi SDK with Google Cloud’s high-throughput technology stack, we are positioned to champion our mission more effectively, paving the way for innovative financial products tailored for both new and traditional financial markets,” said Arjun Arora, COO of Orderly Network.

“We’re seeing an increasing interest from clients exploring blockchain workloads on Google Cloud. This surge in demand highlights the necessity for a tailored Web3 product suite from Orderly with benefits from Google Cloud that can better serve their needs.

Working with Orderly Network to build robust infrastructure will help address the gaps in DeFi adoption and growth, and ensure scalability in the continuously evolving space through the development of secure and user-centric enterprise developer tools.” Rishi Ramchandani, Head of APAC Web3 GTM, Google Cloud Asia Pacific.

Orderly has the support of notable backers like Nomura’s Laser Digital, Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital, and Sequoia China. Orderly is taking its next significant stride by expanding its robust infrastructure to the EVM ecosystem in tandem with its vision to deliver an omnichain CLOB infrastructure that unifies liquidity across blockchains.

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