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May 29, 2024
Orderly Network Launches on Mantle, Charting the Future of Omnichain Perps Trading
by Orderly Network
Orderly Network Launches on Mantle, Charting the Future of Omnichain Perps Trading

For DeFi to onboard the next wave of onchain traders, existing inefficiencies in DeFi trading must be a thing of history. Institutional DeFi is coming!” – Ran Yi, Co-founder, Orderly Network

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our omnichain expansion is coming to the Mantle Network – a robust modular L2 EVM-compatible scaling solution for Ethereum. Our omnichain vault will be deployed on Mantle, ushering in an omnichain perps trading experience for traders, protocols, and founders in the Mantle ecosystem.

Mantle users can now trade across every major EVM chain where Orderly omnichain vaults reside. This means users can now trade via an orderbook interface across multiple networks with liquidity guaranteed at very high execution speeds, giving you a similar experience to CEXs but with all of the trading onchain.

In essence, Mantle Ecosystem is going omnichain, characterized by:

  • Shared Liquidity for Omnichain Perps Trading: Orderly Network’s shared liquidity model converges liquidity across multiple chains into the same orderbook, ensuring tighter spreads and reduced slippage for efficient trading. This means traders can trade perps onchain with up to 50x leverage across a variety of assets, and devs building DEXs no longer need to worry about liquidity.

  • Seamless Integration for Devs: Projects on Mantle Network can easily launch an omnichain perps DEX without worrying about the usual hassles – liquidity guaranteed, with secure cross-chain communication. Leveraging the Orderly SDK, builders can rapidly build dApps that interact seamlessly with multiple chains –powered by Layerzero.

  • Scalable Modular Architecture for Cost-efficient Deployment: Leveraging Celestia’s modular DA network, Orderly is able to scale our infrastructure as fast as our network usage increases, albeit at the cheapest cost possible. This means more cost-effective deployment for projects integrating with Orderly, faster iterations and deployment, and swift adaptability to our front-end’s growing user-bases.

  • Permissionless CEX-level Trading Experience: Orderly Network’s offers a low-latency, high-throughput infrastructure suitable for high frequency trading (HFT) and advanced trading strategies, rivaling the execution speeds of your favorite CEXs – powered by our powerful off-chain matching engine. Pro traders on Mantle can now trade via an orderbook interface, but with self-custody and onchain transparency guaranteed.

What is the Orderly Omnichain Expansion?

“We love the term ‘omnichain’ because we think that, anywhere trading occurs, Orderly should be there, providing the liquidity, agility, and robustness required for efficient DeFi trading.” – Arjun Arora, COO, Orderly Network

Starting out on NEAR, the Orderly Omnichain expansion seeks to unify DeFi liquidity across multiple blockchain networks. Leveraging Orderly’s three-tier architecture, this expansion has seen our asset vaults deployed beyond NEAR to leading EVM-based networks, including Arbitrum, Polygon, Base, and OP (with OP also doubling as the home of the Orderly Settlement Layer). Read more about our tech stack here.

Now, with the Orderly omnichain vault deployed on Mantle, users can trade perps alongside their counterparts on other chains without any asset bridging required and with cross-chain deposit and withdrawals available. This way, traders can now enjoy better capital efficiency, reduced slippage, and improved risk management strategies.

With all orders converging into the same orderbook, and all trades settled onchain, Orderly Network then sits as the permissionless liquidity layer for permissionless Web3 trading – akin to the CME in TradFi.

Mantle Network is dedicated to building an EVM-compatible scaling solution for Ethereum. This means that all contracts and tools running on Ethereum can operate on the Mantle Network with minimal modifications. Taking advantage of its modular architecture, Mantle Network combines an optimistic rollup with various innovative data availability solutions, providing cheaper and more accessible data availability while inheriting the security of Ethereum.

“With Orderly Network expanding its services to Mantle Network, we are empowering developers and traders with unparalleled access to liquidity across both EVM and non-EVM chains, thereby addressing the issue of composability that has plagued the DeFi space since its inception,” said Gabriel Gareth Foo, DeFi Growth Lead at Mantle. “This collaboration signifies a major step in achieving our mission to enhance DeFi accessibility and scalability, offering users CEX-level performance thanks to Orderly Network’s low-latency, high-throughput infrastructure.”

Mantle protocol’s design philosophy aims to offer users a less costly and more user-friendly experience, provide developers with a simpler and more flexible development environment, and deliver a comprehensive set of infrastructure for the next wave of mass-adopted dApps.

Speaking on the successful Orderly vault deployment on Mantle, Ran Yi said:

"Beyond our shared enthusiasm for delivering scalable blockchain infrastructure, expanding to Mantle was an easy choice. With its robust modular capabilities fused with our permissionless liquidity infra, we expect an influx of builders and traders. The first project integration with us is already underway, and I'm thrilled for the possibilities to come in terms of innovation, as well as trading volumes."

With a robust backend infra providing the necessary liquidity and interconnected trading ecosystem required for efficient permissionless Web3 trading, it is no surprise we are now exceeding over $30B in total trading volume and consistently ranked in the top 5 on DefiLlama – all thanks to all our brokers, traders, and ever-expanding ecosystem.

Orderly Network is making DeFi robust, efficient, and accessible for the next era of onchain users one chain at a time. Watch out! An omnichain vault is coming near you soon.

All systems operational.
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