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Jan 22, 2024
Orderly Network Opts For OP Chain, Launches Optimism Vault
by Orderly Network

Orderly Network is leveraging the Optimism Collective’s powerful OP Stack for the new Orderly Settlement Layer, as well as debuting an Orderly vault on Optimism. Orderly’s shared liquidity model ensures that dApps have ready-to-use liquidity, not confined to a single blockchain network — fueling industry-leading market makers.

Optimizing The Orderly Settlement Layer

Orderly Network is building on the OP Stack for the critical Orderly Settlement Layer, which resides between the Asset Layer and the Engine Layer in the Orderly EVM architecture. Orderly’s settlement layer serves as a ledger for all transaction data, user data balances, and trading data retrieved from the engine layer — all stored on-chain for transparency.

Before Orderly Network, top DeFi apps existed as separate entities across various chains. But Orderly creates shared liquidity across multiple blockchain networks through vaults integrated with the network. The best part? Your assets don’t move around; traders’ assets will remain safely in a vault on their home chain. This innovative approach eliminates the risk associated with bridging or wrapped assets.

“We are creating the only true omnichain, decentralized trading infrastructure,” said Arjun Arora, Chief Operating Officer, Orderly Network. “For the Orderly Settlement Layer, we chose the OP Stack for its security and power, perfectly complementing our ambition to build the future of finance. And our new Optimism vault will bring more users and liquidity to our burgeoning ecosystems.”

Orderly is on a mission to create a single order book for crypto, uniting liquidity and simplifying trading. But achieving this vision demands fast, cost-effective, and above all, secure transactions. OP Stack, with its modularity and composability, provides the perfect foundation. It unlocks the security, speed, and fair execution costs needed to make Orderly’s dream a reality.

Optimism Vault

With the new Orderly Network Vault, DeFi traders on Optimism can seamlessly connect to DeFi protocols integrated with the Orderly Network. Optimism’s network’s address count has surged by more than 800% over the last three months, and OP DeFi protocols have flourished. The new vault is expected to see rapid uptake among Optimism’s devoted following.

Benefits of the Orderly Optimism Vault:

  • New cross-chain opportunities for OP traders: Leverage the best strategies wherever, whenever across the Orderly Network while remaining on Optimism. Orderly acts as a one-stop shop for OP traders accessing various DeFi protocols on other chains, and vice versa,

  • Faster transactions: Say goodbye to agonizing transaction delays! Orderly’s bridgeless infrastructure is faster than traditional methods, and rivals the speeds of centralized and traditional trading platforms.

  • Increased security: Speaking of bridgeless infrastructure, your assets never leave the vault, period.

“The OP Stack’s modularity and scalability make it the perfect building block for Orderly’s ambitious vision, and we’re excited to pioneer this next chapter in secure, lightning-fast DeFi with the Orderly Network and its Settlement Layer,” said Smit Vachhani, Head of DeFi Partnerships at Optimism Unlimited. “Imagine unlocking DeFi strategies you couldn’t dream of before, thanks to the Orderly Settlement Layer, and Orderly’s first vault on Optimism.”

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