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Dec 05, 2023
Orderly Network Enters Strategic Alliance with Slash Fintech to Advance Asian Market Web3 Footprints
by Orderly Network

Orderly Network is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Slash Fintech — a budding fintech helping developers integrate Web3 fintech solutions by making it simple, safe, and reliable for everyone — individuals, merchants, and organizations — online and offline to participate in digital asset payments.

Orderly Network’s ever-increasing global Web3 footprint is underway and this synergy with Slash Fintech further our footprint in Japan, the broader Asian and global Web3 market.

About this partnership

The purpose of this project is to promote mutual business development in Japan and other Asian markets. By leveraging the high technological capabilities and market knowledge of Orderly Network, an omnichain trading infrastructure facilitating the development of order book DEXs, our synergy aims to realize a diversification strategy.

Leveraging LayerZero’s technology, Orderly Network is designed such that tokens do not need to move between chains to execute trades. Instead, messages are sent cross-chain with all relevant data (such as transaction data, user wallet balances, trade data, etc.) stored on-chain via the Orderly App chain — Orderly’s settlement layer.

This means that traders will be able to trade with counterparties on different chains using a familiar order book trading interface without having to move their assets off their current chain, all while remaining in self-custody.

Slash Fintech, with its strong foothold in the Asian fintech sector, brings to the table its profound understanding of the region’s unique market dynamics and regulatory landscapes. This collaboration is not just a fusion of technologies but a blend of expertise and insights, enabling both entities to address the specific needs and preferences of Asian markets effectively.

This partnership is expected to open up new possibilities for Web3 integration in everyday financial transactions and services. It aims to facilitate a smoother transition for traditional businesses and consumers into the burgeoning world of digital assets, ensuring security, ease of use, and regulatory compliance.

Moreover, this alliance will empower developers across Asia to build more robust, efficient, and user-friendly Web3 applications. By providing tools and resources that simplify the integration of blockchain technology into existing systems, Slash Fintech and Orderly Network are set to accelerate the adoption of Web3 technologies in the region.

The upcoming AMA session with Arbitrum Japan on December 7th will offer an open platform for discussions, insights, and detailed explanations about this strategic alliance. Stakeholders, investors, and the general public are invited to participate in this event to learn more about the future of Web3 in Asia and the exciting opportunities this partnership holds.


The collaboration between Orderly Network and Slash Fintech marks a significant milestone in the advancement of Web3 technologies in Asia. It represents our forward-thinking approach to integrating blockchain into mainstream finance, with the potential to reshape the digital economy in the region. As we gear up for the AMA with Arbitrum Japan, we look forward to delving deeper into the nuances of this partnership and its implications for the future of Web3 in Asia.

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