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Jun 21, 2024
Get Ready for the Orderly Network x Chiliz Football Fest!
by Orderly Network
Get Ready for the Orderly Network x Chiliz Football Fest!

We are bullish and super excited for the upcoming, action-packed summer of football glory. HERE WE GO!

Orderly Network is thrilled to announce our Football Fest campaign with Chiliz, set to ignite the excitement of football for the month! We have thrilling challenges, exclusive NFTs, and a prize pool of 30,000 CHZ up for grabs in this ecosystem-wide campaign.

The best bit? You can also get a SIGNED FOOTBALL JERSEY from top PREMIER LEAGUE team and players.

Read on to find out how you can join in and win big!

Campaign Details🚀⚽️

Platform: Galxe: Join the Football Fest on Galxe

Duration: 12:00 UTC, 21 June 2024 –18:59 UTC, 14 July 2024

⚽️The challenge will feature two primary challenges and a special challenge, with successful participants in challenge 1 winning an exclusive NFT that qualifies them for challenge 2.

Challenge 1: Trade to Score Your Ticket!

Duration: 12:00 UTC, 21 June 2024 – 18:59 UTC, 14 July 2024

How to Participate:

  • Complete Galxe Quest: Partake and climb up the leaderboard on Galxe.
  • Trade on Orderly: Trade CHZ-PERP with a $1000 accumulative volume on Orderly via any broker during the campaign.
  • Follow Us on X (Twitter): Orderly Network and Chilliz.
  • Have a Football member role in Chiliz Discord server
  • Engage on X (Twitter): Like and retweet all Orderly Network’s tweets about the campaign.

Prize Pool:

  • Earn an exclusive Orderly Football Fest NFT ticket, giving you entry to Challenge 2.
  • Qualify for a raffle of the dedicated 10,000 CHZ prize pool for Challenge 1.

Challenge 2: Predict & Win!

Show us what you got in phase 2 and go all the way!

Duration: 00:00 UTC, 27 June 2024 – 18:59 UTC , 14 July 2024

How to Participate:

  • Complete challenge 1: Collect your exclusive Orderly Football Fest NFT ticket.
  • Submit your predictions: Predict the winners of all matches in the knockout phase.
  • Follow us on X (Twitter): Orderly Network and Chilliz.
  • Have a Football member role in Chiliz Discord server
  • Engage on X (Twitter): Like and retweet all of Orderly’s tweets about the summer campaign.

Prize Pool:

  • Receive an exclusive Sir Otterly NFT, Orderly Football Fest edition.
  • Partake in a raffle of a 20,000 CHZ prize pool to be distributed to Challenge 2 winners.

Note⚠️: All prizes will be distributed after the campaign.

Special Challenge: Trade for a Signed Jersey

Orderly and Chillz are throwing a big fat bone into the competition with this special challenge. We will be rewarding the user with the highest “CHZ-PERP" trading volume with an authentic premier league jersey signed by top premier league players.

Duration: 12:00 UTC 21st June 2024– 28th June 2024 12:00 UTC

How to win:

  • Trade! Trade! Trade! The prize will be awarded to the user with the highest CHZ-PERP trading volume on Orderly during the Special Challenge period.

How to claim the prize: Orderly Network will announce the winner on X (Twitter). The winner must provide their prize delivery information to Orderly Network via direct message on Twitter.

The following details are required for prize delivery:

  • Full Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address, and
  • Phone Number

Important⚠️: The winner must submit their delivery information within 3 days of the winner announcement. Failure to provide the information within this timeframe may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner.

Ready to kick off?

Join us in celebrating the Orderly Network x Chiliz 's Football Fest, with every trade and prediction laced with fantastic rewards, exclusive NFTs, and a first-team signed jersey.

Get ready for kick-off! Get ready for a summer to remember! Stay tuned, get trading, and may your predictions lead you to victory!

Terms & Conditions

By participating the campaign, you acknowledge and agree that:

  • You have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the Orderly Network Terms of Service.

  • You acknowledge and agree to these Terms & Conditions, Campaign Rules, and any subsequent amendments.

  • Your relevant information, including but not limited to your nickname and UID on Orderly Network, all the individual trades and trade amounts made during the trading fee rebate validity period, and any rankings as required by the campaign, will be calculated and stored for the duration of the entire campaign. The aforementioned information cannot be removed or revoked during the campaign. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree that Orderly has the right to access, read, and disclose your relevant aforementioned information.

  • Orderly Network is not responsible for the information collection practices of any third parties, including but not limited to social media platforms such as Twitter, which may be involved in the campaign tasks. Participants are encouraged to review the privacy policies of these third parties before participating in this campaign.

  • The campaign is only available to users and participants who are eligible for trading on Orderly Network. It may not be available or may be restricted in certain jurisdictions, regions, or to specific users, depending on legal and regulatory requirements.

  • You agree and acknowledge that you are not a US Person or Restricted Person (as defined below in this section) and you will not use a VPN or other tool to circumvent any geoblock or other restrictions that we may have implemented for campaign participants. Any such circumvention, or attempted circumvention, may permanently disqualify you from participation in the campaign at our discretion. Restricted Persons are those who are, or are acting directly or indirectly on behalf of (a) the subject of economic or trade sanctions administered or enforced by any governmental authority or otherwise designated on any list of prohibited or restricted parties (including but not limited to the list maintained by the United Nations Security Council, the U.S. Government, the European Union or its Member States, or other applicable government authority) or (b) a citizen, resident, or organized in a jurisdiction or territory that is the subject of comprehensive country-wide, territory-wide, or regional economic sanctions by the United States (including, without limitation, Cuba, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iran); (c) a citizen, resident, or organized in a jurisdiction or territory that is the subject jurisdiction of Bahamas; (d) other countries that we deemed high regulatory risk. For clarity, if you are a Restricted Person, you are prohibited from participating in the campaign.

  • No content of this campaign or any other information which may be made available on the Orderly Network website or platform shall be construed as a solicitation, recommendation, or offer to enter into any transaction with crypto assets or other products, nor is it intended to provide investment advice.

  • Orderly Network reserves the right to disqualify any user or participant who engages in any appropriate, dishonest, or abusive activities during the campaign. It is at Orderly Network’s sole discretion to disqualify such participants. Orderly is not obligated to provide any explicit reason(s) for doing so.

  • Your personal data is processed by Orderly Network Ltd., on the grounds of articles 6(1) of the GDPR - legitimate interest of Orderly Network, for the following purposes:

    • Conducting the campaign,
    • Selecting winners of the campaign, and
    • Analytics assessment of data collected during the campaign.

You can object to this processing at any time by contacting us via email at legal@orderly.network. Your data is being transferred outside of the European Economic Area to the United States, Japan, and Taiwan.

For more information, please visit Orderly Network’s Privacy Policy for clarifications.

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