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Mar 26, 2024
Orderly Network and Bitoro Supercharge Onchain Perps Futures Markets
by Orderly Network
Orderly Network and Bitoro Supercharge Onchain Perps Futures Markets

Orderly Network is pleased to announce its strategic integration with Bitoro Network, renowned for its innovative approach to leveraged trading. This partnership marks a concerted effort to overcome the prevalent challenges in the DeFi space – like fragmented liquidity and the complexity of cross-chain trading – through strategic cooperation in several key areas:

  • Unified and Enhanced Liquidity: By integrating with Orderly’s permissionless, omnichain infrastructure, Bitoro can harness a more cohesive liquidity framework, fostered by Orderly Network’s asset vaults deployed across major EVM chains, ensuring traders have access to ample market depth, reduced slippage, and enhanced price stability.
  • Omnichain Trading Exemplified: With Orderly Network, Bitoro users will be able to trade natively on major EVM chains without the need to bridge assets manually.
  • Advanced Trading Functionality: Orderly traders will benefit from a suite of leveraged trading functionality powered by Bitoro’s innovative aggregator engine. Traders will enjoy optimal liquidity routing for low-cost fees and position containers that isolate risks for the safety of users – all designed to improve capital efficiency and risk management.
  • Streamlined User Experience: The Orderly – Bitoro integration promises a refined trading interface that combines Orderly’s CLOB infrastructure with Bitoro’s leveraged trading aggregator in one single view, thus lowering the entry barrier for new users and enhancing the trading experience for seasoned investors.

"Partnering with Orderly Network is a strategic step forward in our mission to provide the best-in-class trading experiences for our users, allowing us to tap into the rapidly growing domain of leveraged trading within DeFi," said Brian Purcell, founder & CEO, Bitoro Labs. "Through this integration, we are not just bridging two platforms; we are setting a new standard for liquidity and trading efficiency in the DeFi landscape, creating an enticing trading environment for both institutional and retail traders alike."

Driven by a team of seasoned TradFi experts with experience managing over $50B in AUM, Bitoro Network offers innovative solutions geared towards mitigating inherent challenges impacting the decentralized leveraged trading landscape. Bitoro Network has built a powerful leveraged trading aggregation engine that prioritizes user needs and security, selecting the best routes for traders and thus ensuring seamless transactions and cost efficiency.

Meanwhile, Orderly Network is redefining DeFi trading with its omnichain liquidity layer, providing deep liquidity for any asset, across multiple chains. Leveraging an innovative omnichain infrastructure characterized by asset vaults deployed on major EVM chains and a permissionless onchain settlement layer, Orderly takes care of the infrastructure and liquidity issues faced by builders and traders alike. By connecting to Orderly's infrastructure, builders have access to a suite of product offerings that enable them the flexibility to build robust financial products tailored to their user needs.

Orderly Network and Bitoro ultimately envision:

  • Broader access to leveraged trading markets to more assets and more chains.
  • A streamlined experience that reduces the complexity and technical barriers for traders.
  • An ecosystem that prioritizes security, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

"Our collaboration with Bitoro is a testament to our commitment to providing seamless, omnichain trading solutions fitted with sufficient liquidity for diverse assets,” said Arjun Arora, COO, Orderly Network “Together, we are eliminating barriers that have historically stymied traders within DeFi, and are contributing to a more interconnected and efficient trading ecosystem.”

All systems operational.
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