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May 09, 2024
Sharpe AI Taps into Orderly’s Liquidity Layer to Supercharge its Web3 Super App
by Orderly Network
Sharpe AI Taps into Orderly’s Liquidity Layer to Supercharge its Web3 Super App

Orderly Network is pleased to announce the integration of Sharpe AI, an AI-powered crypto super app offering diverse DeFi products to its users. This partnership further consolidates Orderly’s stance as the foremost permissionless liquidity infrastructure in Web3.

The combination of Orderly’s robust liquidity infrastructure and Sharpe’s frontend tools for digital asset investing marks a watershed moment in the evolution of DeFi product offerings through artificial intelligence and automation.

Sharpe AI is set to launch its DEX, powered by Orderly’s omnichain trading infrastructure, delivering a familiar orderbook trading interface and deep liquidity that enable spots and perps trading at CEX-like execution levels suited to professional traders. The DEX will also benefit from Orderly’s omnichain experience and enable Sharpe to offer AI-powered trading across multiple markets and chains.

Sharpe AI is committed to integrating with top products to build the best institutional-grade product in DeFi, said Rishabh Narang, CEO, Sharpe Labs. “Our partnership with Orderly Network is a testament to this commitment.

Sharpe AI has already launched Sharpe Earn, which allows traders to invest in institutional-grade DeFi strategies curated by experts and earn yields in a fully self-custodial environment. With this integration, users will also benefit from the launch of the upcoming Orderly strategy vaults that will allow anyone to trade alongside seasoned market makers, grow their portfolio, and earn yield.

With over 100,000 users and 60,000+ monthly active users, Sharpe has become the fastest-growing crypto super app. In the month of March alone, Sharpe launched 14 major products, and Sharpe Earn crossed $10 million TVL, showcasing significant demand for institutional-grade DeFi products. Looking ahead, Sharpe has exciting upcoming product launches such as the Sharpe DEX, Sharpe Perpetual DEX, Sharpe Bridges, and cross-chain swaps, all set to launch in the next few weeks.

Orderly Network provides a robust trading infrastructure and an omnichain liquidity layer that equips DeFi projects with institutional-grade features for spot and perps trading, fitted with deep liquidity across a diverse range of assets. This means that Sharpe AI DEX users will enjoy a trading experience that mirrors the trading speeds and execution of CEXs but with the self-custody and privacy of DeFi. Couple that with Sharpe AI’s expertise in AI-powered trading, automation, and analytics, and users are truly in for a “Super App” experience that redefines DeFi.

This integration shows how instrumental Orderly Network has become for the deployment of core DeFi products, said Arjun Arora, COO, Orderly Network. We are proud to have built an infrastructure that sits at the bedrock of cutting-edge DeFi innovations, able to adapt to emerging technologies like AI, bot automation, and more. We are thrilled and can’t wait to see how Sharpe’s super crypto app will revolutionize the ecosystem.

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