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Dec 02, 2023
Orderly’s Funniest MEMEber: Announcing the Orderly MEME Campaign
by Orderly Network

We are kicking off the month of October with a bang — It’s all fun and games at Orderly Network this season. As we continue our warm-up to the upcoming Orderly Trading Carnival laced with numerous rewards, the coming weeks seek to inspire creativity laced with fun times and rewards for all users.

We are thrilled to unveil the “Orderly Meme Campaign,” a celebration of creativity, humor, and, of course, rewarding memes. This two-week-long humorous endeavor is set to unfold from October 3rd to October 17th, 2023, promising a flood of laughter, engagement, and a handsome reward for all winners. Leaning on our excellent track record of bountifully rewarding our campaign participants, this contest is bound to be another major success in our book.

How to Dive into the Meme Frenzy

You can get in on the fun in two ways:

  1. Join the Discord Party:

Hop onto Orderly’s Discord and unleash your creativity in the #Orderly Meme channel. 2. Twitter Takeover:

Follow Orderly on Twitter, quote the campaign tweet with your memes, and sprinkle in #OrderlyNetwork, #OrderlyOmnichain, and #OrderlyMemes hashtags.

Join the fun on Galxe to get started: Orderly MEME Campaign

Themes That Spark Creativity

We encourage all participants to unleash their inner creative disposition by creating excellent yet humorous memes along the themes listed below;

  • Orderly Network
  • DeFi Builders
  • Orderly Omnichain
  • Orderbook
  • Liquidity

NOTE: ALL memes are expected to be in GIF, PNG, or JPEG format.

Handsome Rewards for Topnotch Creativity

Discord Rewards: $350 USDC Best Memes: The top 10 memes will be rewarded with $10 USDC each. Impress us with your originality, humor, and quality.

  • Three exceptional winners will be handpicked by our team.

  • Most Popular Memes: The top 10 memes with the most purple heart “💜” reactions will be rewarded as highlighted below:


Twitter Reward: $650 USDC Most Popular Meme: If your meme snags a spot in the Top 10 likes on Twitter, you will share in the reward pool as stated below;



Each meme can only win once, whether on Twitter or Discord. Only new memes (published after the campaign starts) are eligible for “Best Memes” and “Most Popular Memes.”

Judgment Day

Our diligent team will evaluate entries within 4 working days after the event concludes, announcing the winners across our social channels.

Join us in this meme-making spectacle and let the creativity flow! Do not miss your chance to be part of the Orderly Meme Campaign, where humor meets rewards and the Orderly community comes together for an unforgettable experience. Let the memes begin!

The Orderly Roller Coaster

Orderly Network is on a mission to transform the entire DeFi landscape. We are skillfully creating tools that will reshape how projects build and traders interact with DeFi. We have already introduced features and products that simplify decentralized order books, swaps, and perpetual futures trading. We achieved this by building our deep features on the NEAR blockchain. Now, we look to extend our products to the entire DeFi universe through our omni-chain expansion which is already in full swing. We encourage you to join us as we continue to forge ahead in this journey.

The Orderly Meme Campaign represents our continued warm-up of the upcoming Orderly Trading Carnival laced with numerous excited rewards aimed at introducing traders, retails, and communities to the “extra-Orderly” trading experience.

In the meantime, let’s get the creative juices flowing…

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