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Aug 04, 2023
Announcing the Orderly Discord Gaming Contest
by Orderly Network

At Orderly, we understand the unique power of our community and its indispensable role in our journey toward revolutionizing the DeFi landscape. Hence, we continually seek to engage our community in exciting and rewarding ways.

In this light, we’re excited to announce the Orderly Discord Gaming Contest — a monthly gaming event carefully curated to engage and reward our ever-growing and dynamic community. With a total of 100 USDT up for grabs, this competition promises to be thrilling and worthwhile.

Key Details & How to Participate

The Orderly Discord Gaming content is a community-centric event designed for weekly engagement within the Discord channel. The event features a number of exciting games certain to galvanize and reward members of the Orderly community.

Duration: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1 PM (UTC) throughout the month.

Event kick-off: Today — Friday, 4th Aug. 2023

Games: Gartic, Royal Rumble, and Quiz (each game description will be posted within the community at the start of each game session)

How to Participate & Entry-level Tasks

Aspiring participants must complete the entry-level task enumerated below to be eligible to receive rewards. Once the 3-step task is completed, move along to join the contest on the Orderly Network’s official Discord gameroom channel.

Entry-level task:

  • Follow Orderly Network on Twitter
  • Follow Medium page
  • Send a screenshot to the #feedback channel on Discord

Winner Selection & Rewards

Points will be allocated for every game played on each day. At the end of the month, the top 5 participants with the highest points will be rewarded as follows:

Top 5 Players:

Winner: 30** USDT** 1st runner-up: 25 USDT 2nd runner-up: 20 USDT 3rd runner-up: 15 USDT 4th runner-up: 10 USDT

Note: The Orderly Network team will evaluate all entries and announce the winners after the contest.

** About Orderly Network** Orderly is an all-encompassing DeFi ecosystem, serving a variety of DEXes, a CEX, and custodians (like Fireblocks) with decentralized order books, swaps, and perpetual futures trading. Our integration with major wallets ensures seamless and accessible trading experiences across the digital asset space.

Our first home was NEAR Blockchain, a platform that shares our mission of mass onboarding for both end-users and developers, offering impressive speed and scalability. However, the horizons of our omni-chain expansion are already in sight, marking the commencement of an exciting journey. You might wonder, where is this expansion taking place? The answer awaits, and we encourage you to become an active member of the Orderly community as we embark on this remarkable trajectory.

All systems operational.
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