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Aug 12, 2022
How Orderly is building the most advanced DeFi infrastructure to date
by Orderly Network

Many times we see a project roadmap, but very rarely do we get an explanation as to what each item on there actually means. In this article, we look to break down each item and explain how this will change the way you will navigate decentralized finance.

Q3: Mainnet alpha and beta.

As with all great products, there is a need to have alpha and beta launches. This allows us to test in a controlled environment which will enable us to ensure things are working as they should be.

The mainnet alpha will be extended only to partners and a select audience. This is to ensure that the wider retail market doesn’t get burned with their hard earned funds while we’re ironing out any kinks.

What about community involvement? You may ask… the mainnet beta will be extended to the wider community for all to test and enjoy! The beta will have limited features and we will ensure we have ample content on what you can, and cannot do during the beta.

Q4: Mainnet and support for additional wallets

The time you have all been waiting for! Orderly Network will be launching on mainnet. Our revelation to the wider world of web3 is coming towards the end of this year where you will be able to trade with real assets, in real time.

Due to having the alpha and beta stages for testing, the mainnet launch will see the full functionality you currently get to experience in the testnet environment today (head to Orderly Network to try it now!). This will be a momentous occasion for us so you best believe we will be doing something special for it!

Q1 2023: Perpetual trading and on-chain orderbook

Builders, are you wanting to launch perpetual trading applications on your platform? If yes, Q1 of 2023 is something you may be very excited for! This will see the launch of our perpetual futures contracts where builders will be able to utilize existing code, lean on the expertise of proven DeFi builders, all while having the benefit of access to deep, aggregated liquidity.

The next release in Q1 goes back to the “why NEAR?” question.

We will be introducing the on-chain orderbook. With the finality, speed and transaction cost of the NEAR protocol, we are confident in being able to provide the CEX experience, in a decentralized environment. This is part of the broader mission to help create a fairer world of finance. Moving on-chain will remove the trust element of order executions and make them visible to ALL users who wish to see them.

Q2: 2023 Community pool, lending, borrowing and swaps

Q2 of 2023 will see a busy quarter for the Orderly team as we look to introduce a range of fantastic applications and features to our platform. The first of this list? The community pool.

A community pool will allow users to lend their tokens to market makers which will further amplify the liquidity options available. Users will be incentivized through rewards to lend their tokens. This will be a single-sided pool but as for the rewards… you’ll have to stay tuned!

Next on the list is lending and borrowing. With this addition to the platform, users will be able to lend and borrow a wide range of tokens. Builders on Orderly that are looking to add this functionality to their platform will be able to utilize our backend code and access our platform's deep liquidity options.

Final item of Q2 will be swaps. This will be when builders are able to integrate our swap mechanics onto their platforms and add their own look and feel to it. Continuing our mission of providing DeFi infrastructure to the web3 builder community, this will be another offering to people that are looking to build with us.

Q3 2023: Asset bridging and options

“The future is cross-chain” is a phrase you would of often heard in the web3 space. We believe that having the ability to go multi-chain and offer cross-chain swaps along with non-native token support is a giant step towards the end goal of a fully cooperative web3 world.

Whether you’re a builder looking to add these frameworks to your platform, or a user looking to utilize this variety and freedom… This is one to be excited about!

###Benefitting the wider market This is all part of our wider vision to create a fairer world, giving the power back to the stakeholders through the application of decentralized finance. The infrastructure we are building will play a pivotal role in the creation of many fantastic DeFi products that will serve the people in the way of a trustless, permissionless environment.

We are dedicated to creating a better future and we invite you to come and join us for the journey!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OrderlyNetwork Discord: discord.gg/OrderlyNetwork

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