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May 29, 2024
FusionX Introduces Onchain Perpetual Futures Trading to Mantle Users
by Orderly Network
FusionX Introduces Onchain Perpetual Futures Trading to Mantle Users

After the successful deployment of Orderly Network’s omnichain vault on Mantle, Orderly is pleased to announce its integration with FusionX - the one-stop DeFi ecosystem on Mantle Network

FusionX currently operates an AMM-based DEX on Mantle with over $800M in total trading volume and $11M+ locked in total TVL, and more than 11.3M user operations.

This partnership will see FusionX build out an orderbook-based DEX on Orderly, introducing an omnichain perps trading experience to its already thriving community-based open-source DeFi ecosystem.

Leveraging the Orderly tech stack, FusionX will deliver:

  • Tighter Spreads, Deeper Liquidity: By leveraging Orderly’s shared liquidity model across multiple chains, FusionX will tap into one of the deepest liquidity sources in the perp DEX landscape. Orderly’s shared orderbook regularly exceeds over $1B in 24 hour trading volume.
  • Omnichain Trading Experience: Users can enjoy seamless cross-chain trading, with positions taken on Mantle via FusionX communicated across all Orderly-supported networks and settled onchain. Traders on Mantle will now be settling orders with traders from Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, and Polygon. This allows for seamless cross-chain deposits and withdrawals irrespective of the chain, thus creating a true omnichain perps trading experience.
  • CEX-Level Execution Speeds: FusionX is engineered for low-latency, high-throughput trading, matching the speed and efficiency typically seen on centralized exchanges (CEXs).
  • Streamlined UI/UX for Easy Onboarding: FusionX’s platform is designed to be intuitive, catering to both new and seasoned traders with an easy-to-navigate interface.

By building an orderbook-based DEX, leveraging Orderly’s omnichain infrastructure, FusionX can now offer a CEX-like experience, with similar execution speeds suitable for advanced trading. This means users can now undertake advanced and high-frequency trading strategies seamlessly, with liquidity guaranteed.

FusionX will feature deep liquidity from the moment it launches, as orders from all our supported blockchains are concentrated in a single shared orderbook. Orderly’s liquidity is omnichain and remains consistent, no matter where you trade from. Orderly vaults reside on Mantle, Arbitrum, OP, Base, and Polygon.

“Orderly is our go-to choice to bring orderbook-based perpetual DEXs on Mantle because of their very tight spread. FusionX can utilize Orderly Network’s omnichain liquidity, and focus on bringing more volume on Mantle. With the help of Orderly’s integration with FusionX, we can make Mantle the best DeFi L2” –Bruce, Co-founder, FusionX

With up to 50x leverage across a wide range of assets, and liquidity converged into the same orderbook, FusionX traders will receive tighter spreads, reduced slippage, and all-round improved capital efficiency – with self-custody and transparency maintained. In other words: a CEX-level experience, but with all the fundamental elements of DeFi.

“Orderly Network is excited to support FusionX in their mission to provide a cutting-edge, omnichain perpetual futures trading platform. By leveraging our infrastructure, FusionX can deliver a trading experience that combines the best aspects of CEX efficiency with DeFi’s transparency and security.” – Arjun Arora, COO, Orderly Network

Orderly Network is committed to driving innovation in the DeFi space, providing the infrastructure that empowers platforms like FusionX to offer unparalleled trading experiences. With a focus on security, trading efficiency, and user experience, Orderly Network is shaping the future of omnichain perps trading across any asset, any chain, any venue – settled and powered by Orderly Chain.

Get started with FusionX right away: https://pro.fusionx.finance

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