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Mar 13, 2024
Ecosystem Spotlight
Meet Ran Yi, Co-Founder of Orderly: Taking DeFi Mainstream
by Orderly Network
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Dive into the world of Ran Yi, one of the masterminds behind Orderly. With over 20 years in the finance world, from global asset management to crypto, he's shaking up the DeFi space.

Background and Motivation:

Armed with a Bachelor's from Carnegie Mellon, Ran's credentials are impressive. But what prompted his shift from traditional finance to blockchain? He was at Freddie Mac during the financial crisis.

Freddie Mac was one of the companies that contributed to the 2008 financial crisis. In 2007, it began suffering significant losses in its portfolios, particularly in Alt-A and subprime investments, leading to a government bailout.

Witnessing this first-hand, Ran lost faith in traditional banking systems. This disillusionment lingered until Bitcoin's emergence.

Ran delved deep into the cryptocurrency space, significantly contributing to WOO's success.

Founding of Orderly:

Launching Orderly wasn't just a spur-of-the-moment decision for Ran. He was driven by a clear purpose – to make financial services more straightforward and accessible. But what exactly ignited this ambition?

Ran was skeptical of centralized exchanges as it was effectively bringing a tradfi solution to crypto. It wasn’t really inline with what crypto was supposed to be achieving. He co-founded Orderly with a mission to bring a centralized exchange experience to DeFi. A few months after launching Orderly, FTX went down. Once again, Ran encountered the problem of opaque financial systems, this time in the crypto industry. FTX's bankruptcy fueled him even more.

We asked Ran: "How do you see Orderly transforming the DeFi space?"

"Orderly tackles several issues. First, it addresses fragmented liquidity across chains and poor performance in terms of speed and costs in the DeFi sector. The objective is to blend DeFi's transparency with the user experience of CeFi, streamlining integration for developers. This strategy could lead to a more cohesive and effective DeFi ecosystem."

Personal Insight and Future Outlook:

Having spent over a decade in finance and half that in crypto, Ran has a wealth of experience. He's now sharing his insights on the future of finance and offering advice to those new to DeFi.

Question for Ran: "What’s your take on the future of DeFi, and what advice would you give to newcomers?"

"It's an incredible time to be in DeFi. The markets are bullish, and with the current trajectory, we could see DeFi products going mainstream as user experiences improve. With the emergence of Bitcoin ETFs and potential ETH ETFs, there’s never been a better time to dive in. The industry is safer than in previous cycles, so engage, apply for grants, create content, and immerse yourself. You might even snag a substantial airdrop just for participating."

Ran Yi is more than an entrepreneur; he's on a quest to demystify finance. With Orderly, he's not merely creating a product; he's shaping the future. Stay tuned – there’s more to come.

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