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Dec 06, 2023
Introducing the Orderly Omnichain SDK– Seamless Integration for DeFi Builders
by Orderly Network

In the ever-evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi), innovation is key to staying ahead. Following the successful launch of Orderly Omnichain on mainnet, today, we’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking development from Orderly Network: the launch of the Orderly Omnichain SDK.

This cutting-edge toolkit is designed to empower developers and projects, enabling them to seamlessly integrate the rich functionalities of Orderly Omnichain into their applications and workflows.

## A New Era of Integration and Efficiency Expanding into the broader DeFi ecosystem, Orderly Network recently launched Orderly Omnichain on mainnet. This groundbreaking development, beginning with the robust EVM ecosystem, provides an institutional-grade order book across all major EVM chains. This expansion brings numerous benefits of Orderly’s innovative infrastructure to the fingertips of EVM builders and traders.

The Orderly Omnichain SDK stands as a testament to our commitment to revolutionize DeFi. With its comprehensive set of webhooks, it offers unprecedented access to Orderly APIs, smart contract interactions, account management, and much more. This means developers can now easily fetch real-time market data, manage user accounts, and interact with smart contracts with unparalleled ease.

The SDK, a versatile toolkit, empowers developers and businesses to weave Orderly’s robust functionalities seamlessly into their applications and workflows. Whether it’s leveraging the innovative order book across major EVM chains or integrating institutional-grade order book DEX features, the Orderly Omnichain SDK is your ultimate trading LEGO.

Designed for Developers, Tailored for Innovation

The ingenious developers and dApp creators are at the heart of this innovation and will find the Orderly SDK a game-changer. The SDK addresses the common challenges DeFi builders face, such as generating signatures and managing API calls. By offering hooks that streamline the development process, the Orderly Omnichain SDK addresses the time-consuming and error-prone tasks often accompanied with building dApps.

Simplifying these processes not only saves time but also enhances the overall development and integration experience with Orderly, ensuring that developers can focus more on innovation and ship products faster.

Embracing TypeScript: A Focused Approach

While the current version of the Omnichain SDK supports TypeScript only, we understand the need for versatility. Plans are already underway to extend support to other programming languages, aligning with our goal to cater to a broader developer community.

Key Features of the Omnichain SDK

The SDK is a powerhouse toolkit providing a set of webhooks for any builder on Orderly. The following webhooks currently available are:

  • Data Fetching: The Orderly SDK offers a comprehensive set of hooks to access any Orderly APIs. This includes real-time data on market data, account info, exchange information, and more. Developers can harness this data to power various applications, from trading bots to decentralized finance analytics platforms.

  • Smart Contract Interaction: Developers can easily interact with smart contracts on supported blockchain networks using the SDK. This enables automated execution of smart contract functions, such as depositing and viewing the current wallet balance. Account Management: Handle all account-related logic such as current balance, collateral, current leverage, etc.) with ease.

  • Assets: Get detailed insights into user assets, such as users’ collateral, withdrawable assets, etc. Orderbook Data: Retrieves formatted data of the orderbook making it easy for the orderbook to be displayed on the UI. Easily integrate orderbook data into user interfaces.

  • Market Data: Access comprehensive market-related information. Provides market-related data such as market history of a symbol, mark price, listed symbols, etc.

  • Order Management: Provides order-related services such as creating and editing orders. Create and edit orders with ease.

  • Position Management: Provides the current position details of an account. Manage positions with detailed data calculations, such as position value, liquidation prices, margin, and PnL. Want to start integrating the Orderly SDK into your project, visit the official Orderly SDK Documentation.

Discovering the Orderly Omnichain SDK: Accessibility & Integration at Your Fingertips

Finding and integrating the SDK is a breeze — accessible on Orderly’s GitHub (to be announced via all our social channels). We are also cooking up comprehensive tutorials and documentation to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for builders. Our commitment to accessibility doesn’t stop there; we’ve integrated the SDK with existing Orderly Network product features such as our Smart Contract and REST endpoints, making Orderly more accessible and further enhancing its utility.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in DeFi Development

The Orderly Omnichain SDK is not just a tool; it’s a testament to our dedication to empowering developers and enhancing the DeFi ecosystem. It’s time to explore the potential of your projects with the efficiency and innovation that the Orderly Omnichain SDK brings to the table. Embrace the future of DeFi development, and let’s build something extra-Orderly together!

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