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May 08, 2024
Inside the VOOI-Orderly Network Partnership
by Orderly Network
Inside the VOOI-Orderly Network Partnership

Orderly Network has completed its integration with VOOI, a cross-chain perp DEX aggregator that supports multiple blockchain networks, empowering the most discerning of traders with a CEX-like experience – powered by Orderly Network’s omnichain infrastructure.

Seamless Integration, Unmatched Benefits

At the heart of the integration lies a fusion of Orderly Network's omnichain Web3 trading infrastructure, and VOOI's cross-chain perp DEX aggregator capabilities. The collaboration is set to offer traders unparalleled access to a range of benefits:

  • Enhanced Liquidity and Tighter Spreads: By partnering with Orderly Network, VOOI traders reap the benefits of increased liquidity facilitated by Orderly's expansive network, which will reduce spreads in trading pairs – translating to better prices and improved profit margins for traders
  • Smart Order Routing on Orderly: VOOI’s smart order-routing system simplifies trading complexities by suggesting the best paths for your orders. Traders benefit from tailored recommendations, guiding them towards perp DEXs offering the most favorable terms (e.g. fees, speed, leverage, etc.) that are best suited for their trading needs.
  • Simplified UX: A streamlined and intuitive user experience awaits traders, simplifying the complex world of DeFi trading.

With Orderly vaults currently deployed across major EVM chains (including Arbitrum and Optimism), VOOI traders can deposit and initiate trades on any Orderly-supported chain without worrying about transferring tokens across networks, thus delivering a truly omnichain experience for traders – all from a unified interface.

The integration between VOOI and Orderly Network is more than just a technical collaboration; it's a strategic alliance aimed at redefining the trading landscape. Traders can now look forward to a platform that supports leveraged trades across multiple networks without the hassle of managing gas expenses or navigating complex cross-chain transfers.

“In regards to our primary first public launch of VOOI, we're excited to collaborate with Orderly Network and exclusively launch on Orderly as our first integrated Perpetual DEX,” said Alex, CMO, VOOI. “With the Unified Trading Terminal being live and available for users, we open more cross-chain opportunities for traders to navigate and trade assets on selected networks via Orderly infrastructure. It's a pleasure to collaborate.”

By combining Orderly Network's robust liquidity layer with VOOI's innovative aggregation capabilities, traders are equipped with the tools they need to navigate the perps trading landscape effectively.

“The collaboration between VOOI and Orderly Network symbolizes a shared commitment to making DeFi trading more inclusive, efficient, and user-friendly,” said Arjun Arora, COO, Orderly Network. "This partnership is a testament to our vision of a unified DeFi ecosystem, in which traders can leverage the full potential of cross-chain trading. For us, collaborations like this push boundaries of innovation and efficiency in trading, edging the industry a step closer towards a more inclusive, efficient, and user-friendly DeFi ecosystem.”

All systems operational.
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