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Oct 26, 2023
How to Use Orderly on the NEAR Protocol
by Orderly Network


The first version of Orderly currently resides on the NEAR protocol — a platform that shares our mission of mass onboarding for both end-users and developers, offering impressive speed and scalability. Orderly Network is a combination of an orderbook-based trading infrastructure and a robust liquidity layer offering spot and perpetual futures order books. Unlike traditional platforms, Orderly doesn’t have a front end; instead, it operates at the core of the ecosystem, providing essential services to projects built on top of it. Our integration with major wallets ensures seamless and accessible trading experiences across the digital asset space.

In essence, this guide provides detailed steps on how to use Orderly on the NEAR protocol


  • How to setup your wallet on the NEAR protocol (using the NEAR wallet)
  • How to bridge your assets from other networks to NEAR
  • How to trade with Orderly on NEAR

How to Setup your Wallet on NEAR Protocol

The first step to trading on Orderly is to set up a wallet on the NEAR protocol, allowing you to interact with any dApp in the NEAR ecosystem. There is a wide variety of wallet options available on NEAR such as HERE wallet. However, most wallets offer similar features and interfaces.

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to set up a wallet on NEAR using the HERE Mobile Wallet. You can also follow the official documentation of your preferred wallet option to seamlessly complete its setup.

Follow the steps below to set up your HERE Wallet on the NEAR Blockchain:

Download Your Preferred Wallet Option

  • Visit the website of your preferred wallet option. We will be using the HERE Mobile wallet for this tutorial. Click download the HERE Wallet (if you prefer the BitGet wallet, click to download)
  • Alternatively, HERE Wallet provides a simple option of scanning the barcode on its home page. This allows you to download the HERE Wallet on your mobile device
  • After successfully downloading the HERE Wallet, you will be presented with a screen. On this screen, you will be asked to either create a new wallet or Import a wallet.

Setting up Your Crypto Wallet

  • Next, Create a new account and copy your secure passphrase. Then, click Continue. (Warning: Compromising your passphrase may lead to loss of assets so be sure to store in a secure location of your choosing)
  • Next, Enter a username on NEAR and click Create. Usually, they cost 0.1 $NEAR, but the HERE app allocates them for free.
  • Next, HERE Wallet provides a list of CEX options to transfer your funds from. Select your preferred wallet to execute a transfer immediately. (See more details in the next section below )
  • Congratulations! You have successfully created your wallet on NEAR.

Moving Assets to the NEAR Protocol

Having set up your wallet, the next step is to transfer some assets (NEAR tokens) into your HERE Wallet. There are two primary methods for this:

  1. Transfer from a CEX (Binance, BTSE, etc.) of your choosing

  2. Via the Rainbow Bridge — the official bridge for transferring tokens between the Ethereum, NEAR, and Aurora blockchains For most traders, moving assets from centralized exchanges is the easiest and most common path to funding their NEAR wallet. We will demonstrate this process using the BTSE centralized exchange.

You can move your cryptocurrencies by following the steps below;

  • Login to your dashboard. On your dashboard, navigate to the Wallets dropdown and select Spot.
  • On your Spot Wallet, choose the token you wish to transfer and click on the withdraw sign next to it. Note: To interact with the NEAR ecosystem, you need to transfer/own some NEAR tokens.
  • You can purchase NEAR tokens on BTSE by simply converting any other token to NEAR (e.g. USDT to NEAR). Click Convert on your Spot Wallet page to begin this process.
  • Finally, click Convert now to complete the process. Once completed, you will have some NEAR tokens in your Spot Wallet
  • Next, click the Withdraw symbol to transfer your NEAR tokens to your HERE Wallet
  • On the next page, you will be required to select a withdrawal method. The option is set to Address by default. However, if this is not the case, select Address.
  • On the same page, ensure to select the appropriate blockchain network and click Next
  • On the next page, you will be required to provide the destination wallet address along with the withdrawal amount. To do this, login to your HERE Wallet created earlier to obtain your wallet address. Click the Add/Withdraw button.
  • Next, select Open wallet address and copy the wallet address on your chosen token. This is the address where the deposit from the exchange will be made.
  • Now, paste the wallet address from your HERE wallet into the Withdrawal Address space in your BTSE account.
  • Next, set the amount of NEAR tokens you wish you transfer in the Enter amount space, then click Withdraw.
  • Please note that transactions across wallet addresses can take a few minutes to complete. Therefore, you will need to wait for your crypto to reflect in your HERE Wallet.
  • If you have successfully completed this process, congratulations! You are now ready to start trading on the Orderly Network.

How to trade with Orderly on NEAR

Now that you have some NEAR tokens in your wallet, you’re set to interact with Orderly Network on NEAR.

Orderly offers two distinct ways of trading on the network. Traders can trade via an API (for advanced traders only) or through a GUI of any of the third-party dApps (WOOFi DEX, REF Finance, Zexe, & JumpDeFi) on Orderly Network.

Trading via a GUI

There are several dApps built on top of the Orderly Network with many more in development. You can also trade via any familiar user-friendly interface of your choosing.

Some trading platforms available on NEAR include:

REF Finance










Check the links above to see their official documentation.

Trading via API (for advanced traders only) Advanced traders who wish to trade with Orderly’s API can do so by following the steps below;

  • Generate API Keys: To generate API trading keys, please reference the Orderly Smart Contract API documentation. (Note: Make sure to save your trading key; it will be needed to access APIs and only be stored in your browser’s local storage until the cache is reset)

  • After generating your trading keys, you can now launch your trading API on Orderly. Trading APIs can be found here.

  • All of these can be done via the Orderly SDK as well

Disclaimer: All listed dApps are not products built by Orderly. Interacting with them is at your own risk.

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