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Mar 04, 2024
Ecosystem Spotlight
Ecosystem Spotlight: WOOFi Pro's Integration with Orderly Network
by Orderly Network
Ecosystem Spotlight: WOOFi Pro's Integration with Orderly Network

Today we are highlighting a very close fren of Orderly Network. The earliest adopter to all things Orderly.

The project is none other than WOOFi.

But what exactly is WOOFi, and what is WOOFi Pro?

To understand WOOFi, one must first understand WOO. On that note, did you know that WOO means bull in Korean?

WOO is a unique blend of CeFi and DeFi services aimed at enhancing liquidity for various crypto market participants. Think of it as a two-headed dragon:

WOO X: The centralized exchange (CEX) powerhouse.
WOOFi: A leading cross-chain DEX.

WOO X is the ideal venue for traders who care about performance and transparency. It focus on core trading functionality, with a fully customizable UI, a number of default layouts and widgets, and a fee structure that can make your strategy even more cost effective. If you can’t make money trading there, it's probably a skill issue.

WOOFi is a self-custody application that hosts a ton of interesting DeFi features. You can swap assets across chains, stake WOO to share revenue, and earn yield on single-sided assets across multiple chains. More relevant to Orderly is WOOFi Pro. Their orderbook offering is built on Orderly. It was our first EVM-powered DEX. You never forget your first, do you?

WOOFi Pro is an orderbook-based perps protocol with up to 20x leverage accessible to anyone, anywhere, via any EVM chain of their choice. WOOFi Pro trailblazes a hybrid approach, taking the superior UI/UX of your favorite CEX and combining it with the self-custody of a permissionless DEX to bring traders the best of both worlds.

While it can be seen as a competitor to WOO X, it isn't actually. It is more about providing more options to their users. Many people prefer to trade with more privacy on a DEX. Besides, it's the way crypto people are supposed to be trading. Otherwise why build out decentralized products anyways, decentralized right? The sooner we get every using decentralized venues, the healthier our industry will be.

WOOFi Pro is Orderly’s largest broker. As of writing this, they have been responsible for over $1,4B in total trading volume.


It currently supports 18 trading pairs, with many more in the pipeline.

WOOFi brings with them their loyal community of WOOriors. Those who stake the WOO token on the platform share 80% of the net revenue from trading fees. Orderly provides them with the trading infrastructure and liquidity. It’s a win win.

Now stop what you are doing and go look at the WOOFi Pro interface. The only major difference between a CEX is that you don’t KYC and you self custody the funds. The way it’s meant to be.

WOOFi recently launched a campaign with some rather cool looking sea creatures. Each trading tier gets you an NFT. You can climb the ranks here as you trade: https://galxe.com/orderlynetwork/campaign/GCoUXt4mNb .

WOOFi Pro is currently available on all Orderly EVM chains.

Ok enough talking. Go give it a try at https://dex.woo.org/

All systems operational.
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