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Mar 22, 2024
Ecosystem Spotlight
Ecosystem Spotlight: Harmonizing CeFi and DeFi — the BTSE Blueprint
by Orderly Network
Ecosystem Spotlight: Harmonizing CeFi and DeFi — the BTSE Blueprint

Continuing to explore our vast and ever-expanding ecosystem, we land on an “Orderly OG” with a holistic approach to providing crypto asset exchange services.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s BTSE.

BTSE positions itself as the go-to exchange for all things crypto for institutions and retail traders. But they do this with a clear and intriguing twist. BTSE is blurring the line between CeFi and DeFi, offering both a CEX and DEX trading experience.

BTSE.com, the CEX arm of BTSE, is a leading crypto exchange platform that offers a simple and secure trading experience for users. With a deliberate focus on innovation, BTSE offers various avenues that enable traders to earn from the platform. Users can stake various major tokens to earn yields at attractive APYs, or lend assets for compelling APRs. In addition, BTSE.com offers other state-of-the-art features such as spot and futures trading, bot copy trading, OTC services, and more.

BTSE DEX is the DeFi venue of the BTSE ecosystem catering to users seeking more autonomy. While BTSE maintains a trustworthy and secure CeFi platform, they have not shied away from the decentralized world. Leveraging their vast experience in building simplified trading interfaces for users, BTSE DEX merges the seamless UI/UX experience of CEXs with the permissionless nature of DEXs for DeFi traders.

BTSE Orderbook.png

Built on Orderly, BTSE DEX offers both spot and perpetual futures (perps) trading in a simplified orderbook interface. Currently, traders have access to more than 10 spot trading pairs and can enjoy up to 10x leverage when trading on BTSE DEX– all gasless, decentralized, and with self-custody maintained.

We asked BTSE’s Head of Defi Strategy, Blake Perez, “What prompted the decision to offer a DEX, having already enjoyed continued success in CeFi?

“Our mission at BTSE is to become the ultimate global settlement partner, handling a broad spectrum of assets. The foundation of our centralized exchange is its unmatched liquidity for mainstream assets, coupled with a strong emphasis on technological advancement and user-friendly interfaces for both retail and institutional traders. We see our DEX as a natural progression of this mission, catering to those who value the privacy and flexibility it offers, especially for assets not yet available on centralized platforms.”

With a knack for continuous innovation, BTSE is doubling down on the DeFi path with plans to expand to the EVM ecosystem leveraging Orderly’s omnichain infrastructure. This means more trading pairs, up to 20x leverage for perps trading, improved liquidity, and cross-chain trading accessible on major EVM chains.

In essence, the BTSE blueprint isn’t CeFi vs. DeFi. It’s CeFi and DeFi, harmonizing the trading experiences of both offerings, bringing the two closer than ever.

Facilitating a seamless transition between CeFi and DeFi empowers traders and investors with the tools and flexibility to tailor their strategies to changing market dynamics, optimize their portfolios for risk and return, and take advantage of the unique benefits offered by both worlds.

Still speaking to Blake, “What do you think BTSE is missing right now and how are you trying to accomplish that?”

“At BTSE, we operate on a philosophy of perpetual growth and improvement, rather than focusing on what might be missing. Our latest venture is into the realm of user-friendly derivatives products, enabling our users to navigate the leveraged perpetual markets with ease, even without extensive technical background. Concurrently, we're dedicating significant efforts to enhancing our copy and bot trading features. It's these advancements that have me particularly excited for what's ahead in the coming months.”

BTSE envisions a future where CeFi and DeFi coexist and complement each other, offering traders a comprehensive, seamless trading experience. This vision is embodied in the platform's flexible, integrated interface, which caters to the diverse preferences of the crypto community.

We tried to make Blake choose between CeFi and DeFi. "So Blake, CeFi or DeFi?"

"I see what you're trying to do here laughs. Frankly, we believe traders should have the option to have their preferences available within one interface. We simply want to ensure that whatever their decision may be, the transition between CeFi and DeFi should be effortless and friendly, and that's where BTSE comes in."

Fun fact; BTSE was the first CeFi player to partner with Orderly Network to build out a DEX platform. That “Orderly OG” tag isn’t just such a flex, it’s a demonstration of BTSE’s long-standing commitment to innovation.

Want to give it a try? Go explore on dex.btse.com/trade

Keep your eyes peeled for BTSE’s launch on Orderly Omnichain. It just might come with some goodies from Orderly Network and BTSE.

Rounding up, we asked Blake, “What would you like to see more of from Orderly Network?”

“We like all the work that Orderly is doing with us and for their ecosystem, we’re always looking forward to more markets and more partners! A rising tide lifts all boats.”

All systems operational.
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