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Oct 19, 2023
Catch-up on Orderly Network’s Collaborative Venture with LearnWeb3
by Orderly Network

In a stride towards fostering knowledge dissemination and innovation in the realm of web3, Orderly Network proudly announced its strategic partnership with LearnWeb3 on September 5. LearnWeb3, a frontrunner in web3 education, has been instrumental in empowering builders, developers, and web3 enthusiasts with comprehensive and collaborative learning experiences. This partnership marks a significant milestone in both entities’ commitment to making cutting-edge web3 solutions accessible to everyone.

Empowering Builders through Mini Course and Hackathon

To kickstart this collaboration, Orderly Network rolled out its first mini-course on LearnWeb3’s platform. The course, tailored for builders and developers, has already seen participation from over 2000 developers and enthusiasts eager to delve into the core of Orderly Network’s Omnichain order book infrastructure. For more details about the course, interested enthusiasts can learn more at this link.

Furthermore, in mid-September, LearnWeb3, in collaboration with Orderly Network, hosted the “Decentralized Intelligence Hackathon.” This month-long event brought together the brightest minds from the web3 and AI communities, with a focus on crafting intelligent decentralized solutions. The hackathon garnered widespread attention and participation, attracting not only individual developers but also sponsorship from prominent companies like Flow, Stacks, and KYVE, among others.

Orderly Network worked collaboratively with other sponsors to offer a $50,000 bounty to the best-performing innovative projects from the hackathon.

##Orderly Network’s Active Involvement Throughout the hackathon, Orderly Network demonstrated its commitment to supporting developers building on its infrastructure. One such occasion was our dedicated workshop, which provided insights to builders on integrating Orderly Network into projects. You can see a full recap of the workshop at this link. Additionally, the Orderly Network team hosted office hours, offering invaluable guidance and support to participating teams.

The Culmination: 300 Developers, Countless Innovations

With the Decentralized Intelligence Hackathon now concluded, it leaves a trail of innovation in its wake. Over 300 developers have showcased their creativity and technical prowess, delivering a diverse array of products at the intersection of web3 and AI.

This intersection between Web3 and AI is embodied by our selected winner of the $50,000 bounty reward.

Drum roll!! Introducing WALL-E(t) — an innovative AI Crypto Wallet. This Telegram-based chatbot combines AI with blockchain technology, making it easier for users to interact with crypto. Leveraging Orderly’s infrastructure powers the swap functionality of the WALL-E(t) AI Crypto wallet.

Orderly Network, in collaboration with LearnWeb3, has selected the WALL-E(t) as the best-performing project from the hackathon. Congratulations to the winning team for their outstanding contributions.


This collaboration between Orderly Network and LearnWeb3 is not just a partnership; it is a testament to the shared vision of propelling web3 education and innovation to new heights. The LearnWeb3 community, enriched by Orderly Network’s expertise, has witnessed a surge in participation and creativity, setting the stage for a future where decentralized technologies and AI seamlessly converge.

About LearnWeb3

LearnWeb3 is a leading educational platform that offers a variety of learning resources and tools designed to help anyone learn about next-gen technologies (such as Web3 and AI) — all powered by a robust decentralized community of builders, developers, and enthusiasts. The platform introduces new technologies through mini-courses, lessons to dive deeper, or a full-fledged online degree program to become an expert.

LearnWeb3 also offers a gamified experience via a ranking system to help encourage noobs to increase their knowledge relative to other developers and learners on the platform. You can begin your LearnWeb3 journey via the website or join their Discord channel.

About Orderly Network

Orderly Network is an omnichain CLOB infrastructure, revolutionizing DeFi by unifying liquidity across blockchains. Positioned as the ultimate trading lego, Orderly Network ensures seamless dApp integration for builders on any blockchain. Our infrastructure uniquely combines the transparency and composability of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) with the speed and performance of centralized exchanges (CEXs).

In the coming days, we will launch our second mini-course on the LearnWeb3 platform which will help builders and developers understand some of the top use cases of Orderly Network’s infrastructure. Join us on our social channels to stay up-to-date with all things “Orderly”.

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