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May 10, 2024
Meet the Orderly Champions From the “Best Use of Orderly”: An Encode Club Hackathon
by Orderly Network
Meet the Orderly Champions From the “Best Use of Orderly”: An Encode Club Hackathon

Four eventful weeks to innovate, collaborate, and push the boundaries of Web3 scalability. The goal of the Scaling Web3 Hackathon by Encode Club and Orderly Network was clear – champion innovation beyond existing boundaries in Web3.

“Web3’s future is being carved by the brilliant innovators of today, whose visions came to life in this hackathon.” said Anthony, Co-founder, Encode Club

The recent hackathon hosted by Encode Club featured the “Best Use of Orderly” bounty which received numerous submissions and showcased significant technical contributions from multiple projects. We are pleased to announce the winners and their projects, which demonstrate practical innovations in decentralized finance.

Bounty Winners

The “Best Use of Orderly” bounty was judged across 5 main criteria following a walkthrough of the Orderly architecture with @SlavaOnChain. See the full workshop below;

With a $3000 USDC prize pool attached to the hackathon from Orderly, the winners are set to receive a sum of $1,500 USDC each.

Without further ado, here are your winners;

First Place: Funding Rate Arbitrage

The winning submission introduced an arbitrage strategy that capitalizes on the differences in funding rates across Orderly, Hyperliquid, and Apex. This project displays a deep understanding of market mechanics and the ability to implement complex financial strategies in a decentralized environment. For a detailed demonstration of the project, view the demo here.

Second Place: The Infinity team

The second-place project developed a trading bot for the Orderly platform. This bot automates trading strategies, enhancing trading efficiency and effectiveness. The technical execution and utility of the bot are illustrated in its demo, available here..

“These projects not only highlight the talent within our community but also contribute to the ongoing development and efficiency of the Orderly Network. We congratulate all participants for their innovative work and dedication to advancing the field of decentralized finance.” said Slava, Developer Relations, Orderly Network.

Hats off to our Orderly Champions🎉

Encode Club x Orderly Network: ReInvigorating Innovation Across DeFi and Web3

This hackathon represents the second installment of a fruitful and continued partnership between Orderly and Encode, driven by a shared mission to create the freedom and knowledge devs need to build innovative Web3 solutions. We are super grateful for Encode Club and look forward to future collaborations.

We congratulate the winners once again and eagerly anticipate the evolution of these exceptional initiatives into established startups. Our hope is that this hackathon inspires those developers who are embarking on their journey or seeking to deepen their understanding, to persist in their exploration of Web3 development.

Onward, Forward, LFG!🚀

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