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Sep 11, 2023
Announcing the “Brokers’ Perp Mainnet Warm Up” Campaign
by Orderly Network

At Orderly, our commitment to revolutionizing the DeFi landscape is unwavering. Non-stop innovation, combined with intentional collaboration and partnerships, sits at the core of our charge toward bridging the gap between DeFi and CeFi.

Anchored in this ambition, we’re excited to introduce the “Brokers’ Perp Mainnet Warm-Up” campaign — a testament to our relentless drive to offer unparalleled trading experiences in DeFi. This month-long extravaganza, scheduled from 11th Sept to 9th Oct 2023, is set to be a superstorm of collaboration, innovation, and reward. Teaming up with titans of both the DeFi and CeFi world — Ref Finance and BTSE — we aim to foster an electrifying buzz that reverberates through the digital asset space.

Core Campaign Highlights

This campaign — a collaborative brainchild of Ref Finance & BTSE (with support from Orderly) — is designed to showcase the uniqueness and strengths our front-end partners bring to our network and vice versa. With a total prize pool worth $5,000, alongside numerous other rewards, this campaign feeds into our drive to foster deeper synergies with top-tier projects within the DeFi sector.

ReF Finance will kick off the show in the first two weeks before being joined by BTSE towards the latter two weeks of the event

What do you need to know?

Network: NEAR

Duration: 11th Sept. — 9th Oct. 2023 (4-weeks)

Our Stellar Partners:

Ref Finance — Dive into the magic with Ref Finance in the initial two weeks (11th Sept. — 25th Sept.) **BTSE **— Experience the prowess of BTSE as the event strides into the concluding fortnight (25th Sept. — 9th Oct.)

Ref Finance is the first AMM and DEX built on top of the cutting-edge protocol NEAR, which provides liquidity and swapping features. In mid-August, Ref Finance announced its latest Perp feature integration with Orderly Network).

BTSE is a leading digital asset exchange that offers a simple and secure way to trade cryptocurrencies. As the go-to exchange for all things crypto, BTSE is one of the top trusted crypto platforms for institutions, retail users, and first-time traders. BTSE is on the verge of unveiling its expansion into the DeFi ecosystem with the launch of its decentralized trading platform, BTSE DEX, powered by Orderly.

Ref Finance and BTSE are calling on all traders, communities, & retails to join this campaign that has been meticulously crafted with you all in mind. Our partners invite you to experience Orderly Perps via the Ref Finance and BTSE mainnets and provide any relevant feedback.

Additionally, our hallmark event for the year — the upcoming Orderly Trading Carnival which is laced with numerous rewards — follows a similar template to this campaign. Hence, traders, communities, and retails who join this campaign will already stand at a knowledge-based advantage when we launch the Orderly Trading Carnival.

Rewards That Sparkle

  • A grand prize pool of $5,000; $1,000 from Ref Finance and BTSE each, and $3,000 from Orderly Network
  • Unique NFTs to embellish your digital treasure trove

Marching to Participation

The campaign requirements are as follows:

  1. Begin your journey in the Orderly Galxe space and QuestN community. Complete the pre-defined quests to claim your NFTs and other astounding rewards.

  2. Next, stay connected:

  • Follow all participating event partners on X — ReF Finance || BTSE || Orderly Network

  • Join all participating event partners’ Discord Channels: ReF Finance || BTSE || Orderly Network Discord.

  1. Now delve into the campaign, trade via either of the platforms and provide your feedback via their respective feedback links. Click here for feedback link: Ref Finance || BTSE

Feedback Links: Ref Finance || BTSE

Selecting Star Winners Winners of this campaign will be selected by the joint teams of Ref Finance and BTSE. Stay glued to all their social channels and look out for upcoming winners announcements.

Trading with Orderly Perps

Orderly Network provides USDC-based Perpetual Futures contracts, quoted and settled in USDC. We currently support a cross-margin mode, meaning the USDC collateral you deposit is used across all open positions to calculate the margin ratio.

For a start, we have rolled out leverages of 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and 10x. At present, we offer a streamlined approach by allowing one-sided positions. This means you can either hold a long or short position for each perpetual futures contract. Future updates will see more trading positions made available.

Orderly Network’s Perpetual Contracts elevates perp trading by blending high-frequency, accurate pricing from off-chain oracles with complete on-chain transparency. The uniqueness of Orderly’s Perps is evident in features like decentralized liquidations and enhanced scalability, thus empowering platforms with high-demand, leverage-based trading tools, catering to the dynamic nature of crypto traders.

An “extra- Orderly” Trading Experience

Orderly continues its ascension in the DeFi space, amalgamating decentralized order books, swaps, and perpetual futures trading under one ecosystem. With our roots in NEAR Blockchain and eyes set on omnichain expansion, we invite you to be part of this exhilarating journey.

This campaign marks a first step towards our goal to introduce traders, retails, and communities to the “extra-Orderly” trading experience with the upcoming Orderly Trading Carnival laced with numerous exciting rewards.

Stay tuned and come experience the next Frontier of DeFi…

All systems operational.
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