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Dec 08, 2023
Announcing Orderly Lottery & Referral Program — Join the Excitement and Win Big!
by Orderly Network

Join the Excitement!

Welcome to the Orderly Lottery & Referral Program, an exhilarating part of our ongoing Orderly Social Carnival campaign. This unique event, tailored for our vibrant community of traders on Orderly Network’s NEAR infrastructure, offers an unparalleled opportunity to win big while trading on platforms like Ref Finance, BTSE DEX, Sweat Wallet, HERE Wallet, and others.

Campaign Details: A Dual-Thrilled Adventure

Duration: Starts 8th Dec., 2023. — Ends 10th Feb., 2024

The Lottery Leap: For every trade you make on Orderly’s partner platforms, you’re rewarded with a ticket to the Orderly Lottery Pool. With a whopping 20,000 USDC up for grabs, each ticket is your chance to be a part of this grand prize bonanza. Click here to begin

Simply Trade on Orderly NEAR >> Get your Lottery ticket >> Share in the 20,000 USDC prize pool

A simple trade helps you earn the ticket — Simply make trades on any of dapps built top on Orderly on NEAR mainnet. The more trades you make, the greater your chances to earn from the 20k reward prize pool waiting for you.

The Referral Rush: Parallel to the lottery, the referral program offers a unique opportunity for DeFi traders, builders, and enthusiasts. By completing the simple verification tasks on Orderly’s Galxe page, you get a unique referral code to invite others to join this exciting journey.

Each successful referral amplifies your connection to the Orderly community, enriching your trading network. Click here to begin

Note: The invited party must also complete the verification process on Galxe to be counted as a valid referral.

Key Program Details: Your Path to Winning

Trade and Earn Tickets: Every transaction on supported front-ends like Ref Finance, BTSE DEX, Sweat Wallet, HERE Wallet, and others on the NEAR mainnet earns you a lottery ticket. The more you trade, the greater your chances of winning a share of the 20,000 USDC.

Multiply Your Chances with Referrals: Get your unique code post-verification on Galxe, share it, and broaden your winning horizon. Each successful referral boosts your chances in the lottery.

Weekly Excitement: The lottery draws are weekly events, keeping the thrill alive. Missed a draw? Don’t worry, your chances accumulate, increasing your potential winnings in the subsequent weeks.

Referral Rewards

Referral rewards will be allocated on two separate rankings — weekly rankings rewards & final rankings rewards

Weekly Ranking rewards (50 USDC total) will be determined by weekly rankings where the Top 3 referrers will win;

  • Top 1–15 USDC
  • Top 2–10 USDC
  • Top 3–5 USDC

Next, an additional 10 lucky participants will be randomly selected to share in the remaining 20 USDC prize pool.

Final Referral ranking reward (200 USDC total) will be awarded according to the final ranking where the Top 10 referrers will win;

  • Top 1: 80 USDC
  • Top 2: 40 USDC
  • Top 3: 25 USDC
  • Top 4–10: 5 USDC each

Also, an additional 10 lucky participants will be randomly selected to share in the remaining 20 USDC prize pool.

Participation is Just a Trade Away

Begin your journey by trading on any front-end partner of Orderly Network’s robust infrastructure. It’s not just about trading; it’s about being part of a movement that reactivates the trading carnival and welcomes new members into the Orderly fold. You can see a list of front–end partners powered by Orderly NEAR here: Orderly Trading GUIs

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to rejuvenate your trading experience and welcome new traders into the fold. The Orderly Lottery & Referral Program is a celebration of trading, earning, and community in this bountiful season. Join us now and be a part of this exhilarating journey!

Join the excitement today! Lottery || Referral

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